What Are Slatwall Panels and Shelves

Slatwall was invented in the 1970s by a man who had an idea for a fixture that would work well in retail stores, libraries and other commercial places where displaying items was necessary. He created them with plywood and glue and presented them to department stores. The idea was a hit and Slatwall began being installed in retail outfits all over.

The Slatwall or slot wall is used for covering walls and is made up of wood panels that have horizontal grooves in them. These grooves are places for fixtures to go. These fixtures fit into the grooves and are usually shelves, brackets or baskets.

These shelves make it easy to see products or items. Books are presented at many libraries from Slatwall shelves. They are ubiquitous shelves at most bookstores. These shelves are also commonly seen in department stores or other places where items must be displayed so that they are easy for customers to see and reach and then purchase.

The walls also have a streamlined, neat appearance. They are customizable so this is another aspect that makes them popular and economical for commercial needs.

Here’s the video Slatwall Shelves. Watch it here:

Because these are so easy to set up and adjust to allow for the products or items being stored, they are great for temporary situations such as trade shows. If you are building a new business, consider buying Slatwall to set up your inventory. With a few accessories such as hooks, brackets, and baskets you can create an appealing arrangement of your products whether they are gifts, clothing and more.