Major Incidents – January & February

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We have compiled report summaries for a number of selected incidents occurring in the MPSA service area during the months of January and February. In our research we focus on robberies and burglaries, as these tend to be the most disturbing situations that Midtowners encounter. We also look at other kinds of incidents with an eye toward situation that reflect some kind of hazard to the Midtown community as a whole. Unless explicitly noted, details are attributed to the police report in the given case. 


#150532360 | Piedmont & 6th – On 2/22/2015 during the 9pm hour a woman was robbed at 6th & Piedmont. According to the police report, a black male, about 6 feet in height and of slim build, and wearing beige jumpsuit with dark-colered hoodie, followed her as she walked along 6th Street. Once he got close enough, he brandished a small silver handgun and demanded that she hand over her belongings. The victim dropped her bag and backed away. She noticed another male nearby standing near a small red vehicle parked on Piedmont just above 6th Street. For a short bit she lost visual contact with the two suspects, but both the car and the two suspects were gone when she looked that direction again.

#150513132 | Penn Avenue - On 2/20/2015 Zone 5 officers responded to a pedestrian robbery call in the 600 block of Penn Avenue. The female victim reported that as she parked her car, she was robbed at gunpoint by “two skinny Black males wearing skull caps, black jackets, and black pants.” The suspects pointed a silver revolver at her head and demanded, “give me everything or I will kill you.” At that point she gave them her purse containing her cellphone, cash, credit cards, and other essential items. Police units canvassed the area but did not succeed in apprehending the suspects.

#150471155 | Penn Avenue – In this case the male victim came into the police detachment on 2/16/15 to report that he was robbed at gunpoint a week earlier on Penn Avenue. According to the victim, he left Boogalou Restaurant & Lounge to check on his friend’s vehicle parked in the 600 block of Penn Avenue. The suspect came up on the victim from behind, pointed a black handgun, and said, “Let me have it.” The victim described the suspect as a Black male, about 6’02” in height and of a slim build, with dreadlocks, and wearing a hoodie and jeans. The victim surrendered a cellphone, set of keys, and his wallet containing cash, ID’s, and credit cards. The suspect then ran toward North Avenue.

#150073218 | Ponce & Argonne / 4th & Durant – During the 11pm hour on 1/07/15 police took a robbery report at Ponce & Argonne. The victim, a male cab driver, had picked up two males at Parma Rustic Tavern near the Mall of Georgia. The suspects directed the cab driver to take them to a location off of Ponce, where they attempted to rob him. The suspects told the cab driver to stop at an unfamiliar location, and that they did not have any money to pay the fare, and asked the driver to call a friend of theirs. At the time of reporting the incident the cab driver could not tell police where exactly he was robbed, as he was unfamiliar with the area. As the cab driver looked down at his cell phone to dial, one of the suspects struck him with some kind of hard object, and then demanded that he hand over his money. The cab driver took the keys from the ignition and fled the vehicle, and found his way to Krispy Kreme. According the victim, the first male was a Black male wearing a red and black jacket, and the second suspect was a Hispanic male wearing a black leather jacket and tan pants. Because the victim was unfamiliar with the area, he was unable to tell police at that time where his vehicle was. He was taken to the hospital for the injury sustained (police noted that he was bleeding heavily). After release from the hospital, the victim returned to the area and figured out the exact location where he fled the car and escaped from the robbers. The victim contacted police again to report that the incident had taken place in the 700 block of Durant (this would be close to its intersection with 4th Street). The vehicle was no longer at that location, and it is unknown if the suspects took the vehicle. The victim had fled with only a keyless remote, and the car would have been left running. He was also unsure if the suspects took the phone or if he dropped it somewhere as he fled the vehicle.

#150280920 | Penn & 6th – The male victim came into the police precinct on 1/28/2015 to report having been robbed on New Year’s Eve. He felt at the time that he did not see anything that would be useful in apprehending the suspects, but when he needed to change the OLN number on his driver license he was instructed to produce a police report. The victim reported that as he was walking through the area of Penn & 6th on 12/31/2014 he was approached by three Black males while he was looking at a map in search of his friend’s house. One of the suspects pointed a shotgun at the victim and stated,”Gimme that phone!” A second suspect reached into the victim’s pockets and took the victim’s wallet and keys. The three suspects left in a 2013 red Toyota Camry. The victim sustained no injuries. A few days after the robbery the victim saw a car in the same area very similar to the one from the robbery, and captured the tag number. The police report notes no findings on this tag number.

#150170223 | Monroe & Virginia – On Jan 17, 2015. at 1:21am APD responded to a Pedestrian Robbery call off of Monroe & Virginia Avenue. The first victim, a male, advised that around 1:10am he got into a car with a female friend he was expecting, but found that there were two additional males in the vehicle (the police report did not provide descriptions). He entered the vehicle into the back seat, when one of the unexpected passengers asked to see his cellphone. The victim realized that he needed to return to his building to retrieve something, and requested his phone back. Instead the suspect produced a handgun to rob him. The first victim attempted to flee the vehicle, but was pulled back in by one of the suspects who then searched his pockets and took his wallet. The second victim, a female and the driver of the car, turned around and saw her friend being robbed so she managed to flee the vehicle and hide behind a nearby parked car. The first victim was able to leave the car, and called his friend, the second victim who was originally driving the car, to come into the lobby.

It turned out that the second victim was on her way to the first victim’s home when she noticed two guys, whom she had met two days earlier, walking down the street near Kirkwood. She offered them a ride to their house but told them that she first had to pick up the first victim on the way. The two guys got in her car and came along. Once arrived at the first victim’s house, the two suspects made their move. After both victims had fled the vehicle, the suspects drove off with it. The second victim attempted to chase them down, but found the car abandoned not far away.


We’re happy to find no cases of burglary for year-to-date in the MPSA service area. The crime map for January does show a burglary on 4th Street, but we found this to be in error when we examined the police report, booking record, and court case for the suspect in the case (we share that report as a “Other Incidents” below).

Burglary prevention remains the top priority for the neighborhood patrol. If there’s anything worse than having criminals on the streets in front of our homes, it would be having criminals inside our homes. Home burglaries can be traumatizing in that the victim is left feeling quite violated. Our patrol deployment therefore focuses on weekday daytime hours when most of us are at work and the hours when residential burglars normally strike.




#150282853 | 8th & Juniper – On January 28, 2015 a shooting took place on 8th Street between Peachtree and Juniper. The male victim, who had been shot in the back, told police that he had been shot by two black males in a silver BMW. He apparently knew his assailants, and told police their names. Officers summoned an ambulance from Grady, and once the victim was placed onto the stretcher he quit talking to the police. Numerous bystanders witnessed the situation, and pointed police to the spot where the victim was shot. There police recovered a shell casing and a receipt as evidence in the case. AJC’s report on the case quoted an APD official explaining that they believed the situation to be drug-related. In the course of the investigation Atlanta Police issued a warrant for one of the individuals in the BMW, Joseph Ojukwa, who was arrested in Clayton County on 2/23/15. He was immediately turned over to the Fulton County jail, where he remains ineligible for bond as of this writing on several charges including Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. There is no word on the status of the other person allegedly involved.

#150250445 | 4th near Chas Allen – Late in the 2am hour on 01/25/2015 a resident was surprised by the sound of someone kicking in his front door and then crashing through his front window. The resident came downstairs, with his firearm drawn, to find a drunken stranger sitting on his sofa cursing and acting in a boisterous manner. The resident also advised police that the accused’s “speech was slurred and he kept falling oft the couch.” He ordered the intruder to stay on the couch until police arrived. Once the police arrived, the suspect was still “cursing and acting in a boisterous manner.” The resident told police at the scene that he had just installed a new front door and new windows, and that the suspect had just inflicted around $4200 in damages. The suspect told the arresting officer that he had been drinking at a local bar, and that he was just looking for a place to sleep. The suspect, Ricardo Mora-Olivares, was arrested on charges of Criminal Damage To Property In The 2nd Degree and Public intoxication. MPSA NOTE: We found this case through the crime map feature at the APD website where it was noted as a burglary. Neither the police report, his booking record, nor the court file on this case notes any charges for burglary. The suspect bonded out from jail two days later.

#150240511 | Piedmont & 4th – During the 3am hour on 1/24/15 an officer on routine patrol observed a suspicious individual looking into cars in the 700 block of Piedmont, and at the same time carrying a large wooden stick about 4-5 feet in length. When the officer stopped to examine the situation more closely and asked if any of the cars belonged to the suspect, he became belligerent toward the officer. First the subject refused to show the officer identification or reveal his name. The subject then poised the stick at the officer as if in batting position, and threatened to “finish” the officer if he stepped any closer. The officer then drew his Taser, and the subject then lowered his stick without letting go of it. Once the subject saw the device’s laser aiming at his stomach, he dropped the wooden stick. The subject tensed up as he was being cuffed at that point, yelling obscenities at the officer. The subject went on to say that he was a “sovereign citizen” and that he does not “follow [our] laws!” To the question of his name, the subject first replied “King Mark” and then told the officer upon request to repeat his name, “Mark Conley.” He claimed to be part of the “Moorish Federation” and that he would have other members of the federation declare war on the police. The subject kept making statements to the officer to the effect of, his day would come and that he “needed to watch out.”

The subject, fully identified as Markzavious Conley, was arrested on charges of Disorderly Conduct #1:Violent Acts toward Persons, False Report to Police, and Possession of Marijuana. He was transported to the Atlanta City Jail. Fulton County records show previous arrests for Cocaine possession and Theft by taking.

#150070050 | Ponce & Piedmont – Shortly after midnight on January 7th, officers were dispatched to 163 Ponce in regards to a person injured in a street fight. The victim told police that a Black male with a white hoodie hit his face against a parking stopper. The suspect fled heading east on Ponce, but police intercepted him without incident at Ponce & Myrtle. Once in police custody, the suspect spontaneously uttered that he hit the victim because “he deserved it for talking about me.” The police report in the case further noted that the suspect admitted hitting the victim’s head against a parking stopper, and that he wanted the officer to arrest the victim “for talking bad” about him. When officers brought the suspect back to the scene, the victim confirmed that they had the suspect. The report noted that no relationship existed between the two prior to the incident. According to the report, there was considerable blood on the parking stopper. The victim was taken to Grady Hospital, accompanied by police units so they could take pictures of the injuries for evidential purposes. Police charged the suspect, identified as Jashua Plair, with Aggravated Assault and delivered him to the Fulton County jail, where he remains as of this writing with bond set at $25,000. Inquiry into the assailant’s background show several bookings into both Fulton and Dekalb jails.



Map showing locations of reported Vehicle Larceny cases.

Car break-ins are going strong as ever, and not just in Midtown. Street criminals prowling around count on people leaving laptops, briefcases, cellphones, and the like in their cars. These thieves are very crafty, and many suspects in this category are apprehended by sheer luck. They often grab such items within reach from the window, and they know that many alarms systems will not sound as long as they take from within reach and not open the car door. The stats for Zone 5 indicate that a great many of the victims come from either outlying areas or from out-of-town. Please urge visitors, family, business customers and friends to participate in the Clean Car Campaign simply by removing all items of value from their parked cars.

Suspects named in this report

Major Incidents – November 2014

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We have updated this bulletin with additional reports that have come in lately. These are the November reports we have received to date. With one exception, the scope only covers the MPSA service area with a focus on robberies, burglaries, and situations involving unusually dangerous individuals. 


Juniper & 3rd | #143330450 | 11/29/2014


Robberies are a step short of a homicide.

#143330450 – On 11/29/14 during the 5am hour a newspaper deliveryman had his car stolen on the job at Juniper & 3rd. A black male approached him with a knife asking for his vehicle. As the victim was fighting with the suspect a black female jumped into the vehicle and sped off, heading north on Piedmont. The victim could not recall a description of the suspect, but was not injured in the incident.

933 Peachtree Street | #143321793 | 11/28/14

#143321793 – [While this is out of the MPSA service area, we share it because the offender was apprehended immediately afterwards] During the 8pm hour on 11/28/2014 an off-duty officer working an extra job at Taco Mac radioed for assistance in apprehending a robbery suspect. The officer had been flagged down by a witness to the incident pointing at the victim chasing the suspect. The victim chasing the offender led the officer into a parking garage on that block, where he lost sight of the suspect hiding behind some parked cars. Once the subject reappeared the officer drew his sidearm and ordered him to the ground. About that time backup units arrived at location to help place the offender into a police vehicle.


Mark Pinkins was apprehended immediately after robbing a woman on Peachtree Street.

At the same time, a security officer at the location advised that she saw the offender toss a red purse along with a handgun under a parked vehicle, and took the officers to it. There, the officers recovered the victim’s red purse along with a semi-automatic handgun loaded with nine rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber.

At that point the officers could speak with the victim. She advised that she was walking along Peachtree Street when the subject came up behind her and put a “hard object” that felt like a knife or gun into her side, and pulled the purse off of her. The offender then started running with her purse and she gave chase. Once the officers apprehended the suspect she confirmed that the found purse was hers. The witness also started chasing until he came across the off-duty officer working nearby.

Atlanta’s Finest then hauled this offender, identified as Mark Fitzgerald Pinkins, to the Fulton County jail on charges of Armed Robbery, Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon, and Possession of a Firearm during Commission of a Crime. Like so many others, this one was by no means new to the police, complete with a long rap sheet and prison history. He remains in the Fulton County jail as of this writing, and will be liable to a very lengthy incarceration under the Criminal Code of Georgia once convicted. 

700s Argonne | #143301765 | 11/26/2014

#143301765 – On 11/26/2014 Atlanta Police responded to a strongarm robbery call in the 700 block of Argonne Avenue, where the victim advised that she had given a stranger, described in the report as a black female, a ride from her office at 999 Peachtree. The victim described the offending female as a “homeless” woman often hanging around the block where she works. When the victim left work and returned to her car, the suspect approached her and asked for a ride to Argonne & 6th because her mother lived in that area. Once they arrived at that location the offender then grabbed the victim’s hair and demanded her wallet. The victim complied, and then the woman fled heading south on Argonne. The police report describes the suspect as a dark-skinned female wearing gray stretch pants, a gray jacket and a gray hat, and carrying a grey purse.

Myrtle & 9th | #143240013 | 11/19/2014 (Report date 11/20)

#143240013 – Just before midnight on 11/19/14 a neighbor was robbed at gunpoint in the Myrtle & 9th area as he walked home. As he was walking along Myrtle, a dark, older model Ford drove by and then stopped. Suddenly, two black males emerged from the vehicle and demanded the victim’s belongings at gunpoint. The victim described the assailants as two black males, one of which had dreadlocks with “some blond in them”, and a gold tooth. The other offender had shorter hair. They were both wearing dark clothing. The victim lives on a nearby street, and met the police there.

Location: 300’s 7th Street | Incident #143172978 | 11/13/2014

#143172978 - As the victim arrived home around 10:15pm from her dance class, a black male about 6’3” in height driving a maroon hatchback vehicle pulled up and stopped near her vehicle. As the victim was heading from her vehicle to her residence, the offender charged at her from his car and attempted to wrest her purse and duffel bag away from her. At point her neighbor came home, saw that she was in trouble, and charged at the offender. The offender then sprang back into his vehicle, in which another black male was riding, and sped away down nearby Argonne Avenue. The victim lost no property in the incident.

Location: 800’s Glendale Terrace | Incident Number: 143170009 | Report Date: 11/12/2014

robbery-pictogram#143170009 - Around Midnight on 11/12/2014 the two victims was walking along Glendale Terrace, when a black male in all dark clothing approached them from behind. The victims bolted into a nearby apartment building when the offender produced a silver handgun, with one victim dropping his wallet and cellphone while attempting to flee. The suspect gave chase, and cornered the victims in the hallway of the apartment building, and told them to look down. The offender then retrieved the dropped cellphone and wallet, and fled the scene. The victims described the offender as middle-aged black male with short curly hair, but did not see which direction he took once he reached the street. The police report noted that no cameras captured the situation.



900s Chas Allen | #143221641 | 11/18/2014

#143221641 – On November 18, 2014 in the 900 block of Charles Allen Drive called police to report that while she was at home, someone entered her garage to steal two mountain bikes. The offender(s) also gained access to a guestroom above the garage, where they stole a large flatscreen TV.

700s Myrtle | #143240007 | 11/20/2014

#143240007 – Shortly after midnight on 11/20/14 the victim came home in the 700 block of Myrtle Street to find that someone had entered his bedroom through a window and stolen his Playstation 4 gaming system. The offender had stood on a garbage can outside the bedroom to reach the window, which according to the victim would not lock all the way. A roommate was home at the time but did not hear anything given that he was at the other end of the home throughout the night. The report noted that neither the television nor any other item in the bedroom was stolen.

Location: 700s Argonne | Incident #143150871 | Reported 11/11/2014

#143150871 – A gentleman came to the precinct on 11/11/2014 to report a burglary at his daughter’s apartment that occurred in May 2014. Among the loot were jewelry, music instruments, stereo equipment, and firearms. The apartment had been ransacked, but it remains unclear why the daughter waited nearly six months to tell her father (who had co-signed the lease), who then filed a report. In probing into this suspicious report, we found that the daughter was arrested by the Atlanta Police Department in August 2012 for Possession of Heroin. She also had a DUI case in Dekalb County in 2010. She clearly had no business with firearms in her apartment to begin with, and we’re thinking there could be more to this story.



Piedmont & 4th | #143300239 | 11/26/2014

406-fcm-20131223#143300239 – Two officers investigating prostitution & drug activity in the Piedmont & 4th area encountered Mr. Alfonso LOWE, and found that he had a “possible warrant” for his arrest. As the officers stepped out of the patrol vehicle to investigate him further, they saw that he was holding an unidentified object in his pocket. As they worked to secure the subject, they realized that he was holding a knife and was attempting to stab himself. The two officers had to deploy their taser several times as the subject continued to spin and stab himself. The officers got the subject to sit down on the curb for a few seconds, but despite the taser prongs still stuck in his body, he then he got up and ran away as he continued stabbing himself. The officers then drew their side arms as they commmanded the subject to drop the knife, to which the subject replied “shoot me.” Eventually the offender complied with police commands and was placed into custody. From the scene he was taken to the Grady Hospital detention unit, where he was treated for a total of 21 self-inflicted stab wounds. He was later booked into the Fulton County jail on charges of Reckless Conduct and Obstruction. Our research into this dangerous offender shows history for Aggravated Assault and Robbery. He remains in the Fulton County jail on these charges. 

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