Problem Property: Former KFC property

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The former KFC property on Ponce has once again become a serious problem property. We visited the property on 11/05 and found conditions consistent with community complaints of ongoing vagrant and drug activity. The electrical box has been left open, and a substantial amount of garbage and human feces covers the rear of the property. Vagrants are obviously spending time in the enclosed dumpster storage area, and a colony of rats flourishes on that property.

KFC closed permanently in late 2009, and a placard that had been been on the door earlier this year indicated that the property owner evicted the business due to a serious accumulation of back rent. In May of this year we sought assistance from Fulton County Commissioner Nancy Boxill’s office. In response to our complaint, Fulton County health authorities found serious violations on the property. Upon receiving a citation from the county, the property owner rectified most issues in question at that time, but now the place poses a serious health hazard for the community once again. We have sent pictures and a detailed report to the APD Zone 5 Quality of Life officer.

Pictures of conditions at the KFC property (MPSA field photos):

Response to Complaints about KFC Property

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After the patrol reported finding numerous problems at the former KFC location affecting quality of life in the community, we contacted Commissioner Nancy Boxill’s office for help. They responded as follows:

Background – A complaint was received regarding the above referenced address was referred to the Health Services Department for investigation.  The address is a former Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant which is now closed and abandoned.  The complainant is concerned with the litter and vandalism which is occurring at this address and with rat problems in the back of the property.

Findings - Environmental Technician, Larry Hudson, conducted an investigation of the address on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.  Mr. Hudson found trash and debris on the property which is apparently an area frequented by the homeless.  He searched the site for signs of rat activity and rat burrows but did not find any evidence at this time.  The trash and debris on the property may act as an attractant to rats, however and must be addressed quickly in order to prevent an infestation from occurring on the property.  A records search for the owner found Atlanta’s Best Real Estate Investments, LLC currently listed as owner of this property.  A further search of the State of Georgia, Secretary of State, Corporate Division’s records found the address for this corporation to be P.O. Box 320 Dunn Loring, Va., 22027 with Mr. Bob Goldberg of 1600 Parkwood Circle, Atlanta, Ga., 30339, listed as the agent.

Actions Taken: April 27, 2010 – Environmental Technician, Larry Hudson, investigated the complaint and found solid waste violations but no rat activity on the property.  A legal notice, number 0008165 was issued to Mr. Goldberg as the official agent to the corporation requesting all solid waste, trash and debris be removed from the property by Monday May 3, 2010.

Actions Taken: May 4, 2010 – Mr. Larry Hudson rechecked the property to verify if all violations were corrected.   It was noted that the dumpster area gate had been closed and locked but that none of the garbage or refuse present in this area or elsewhere on the property had been removed.  A citation number 3438 was issued to Mr. Goldberg as the official agent to the corporation for court on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at the South Fulton Annex.

Broken Windows Getting Fixed

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You have probably noticed all the boarded up businesses on Ponce, creating a “broken windows” situation attracting criminal elements, most notably vagrants.  KFC closed late last year for foreclosure, and vagrants have recently entered through the drive-through window. The old Krystal across the street has also been a problem property to a lesser extent, though in recent years the facility has been effectively secured. Vagrants (particularly the day laborers) were chronically camping behind the old Affairs to Remember building further down Ponce.

This picture is changing. The owner of the Taco Bell wants to take over the KFC franchise. IHOP has acquired the old Krystal across the street and is rapidly rehabilitating the building for a near future grand opening. CVS Pharmacy will soon open on the property once occupied by Affairs to Remember. These new businesses will likely bring about a further upgrade in general conditions and the kinds of people appearing along Ponce.

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