Major Incidents – May & June 2015

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robbery-theme-02bFor this bulletin we examined reported burglaries, robberies, aggravated assaults, and other serious incidents in the MPSA service area reported in May & June.

#151802983 – 6th & Argonne – 6/29/2015 – ROBBERY

REDACTED NARRATIVE: On 06/30/15 at approximately 0014hrs, I was dispatched to 6th & Argonne in reference to a Pedestrian Robbery Call. Upon arrival, I spoke with the VICTIM whom stated that he was robbed at gun point by two black males and his iPhone 6 (black) was taken. VICTIM stated that he was standing at the intersection of 6th St Ne/ Penn Ave NE talking to his mom. He stated that when he was done talking with his mom, he began to walk toward the incident location when he realized that a dark in color sedan (possibly 1990 Honda Civic) ride alongside him. He stated that two black males (at least one male with twists in his hair, a white tee shirt. and a silver in color pistol) did get out of the vehicle and force him into an alley just behind 295 6th St NE. He stated that the males both pointed pistols at him and began to search his pockets. He stated that the males were able to take his iPhone 6 from him but did not take any other items. He stated that the males also pushed him to the ground and kicked him on the left side of his head. Mr. VICTIM also stated that the males got back into the vehicle and fled towards Argonne Ave NE. He stated that he ran the opposite direction and was unable to see which way the vehicle turned on Argonne Ave NE. He was unable to provide a tag# or good description of vehicle/ second suspect at this time. Mr. VICTIM did refuse EMS at this time. Inv. S**** #5525 was also at the location and did get a written statement from the victim.There did not appear to be any cameras in the area that would have captured this incident. We did attempt to track the iPhone but was unable to track it at this time. Mr. VICTIM was provided a case number for this incident.

#151800063 – 4th & Argonne – 6/29/2015 – ROBBERY

REPORT NARRATIVE (REDACTED & SHORTENED): [Police alerted around 12:25am] Mr. VICTIM, stated that he was robbed at gun point. He further stated that,”As I was exiting my parked car at 4th and Argonne Ave, two black men in their early 20’s jumped out of the bushes and one pointed a Glock type of pistol in my face. The other took my wallet and searched my car. After they robbed me. they took off heading north on Argonne Ave. Both had dark clothing and one had a red bandanna which fully covered the top of his head. The other had a thin mustache. Mr. WITNESS1 and Ms. WITNESS2 witnessed the crime.” Later Mr. VICTIM notified me that his Samsung Galaxy 85 was taken as well. I spoke to Mr. WITNESS1 and he stated that, “WITNESS2 and I were parking her car on Argonne Ave at 4th St. when I observed a robbery at gun point taking place at least five yards from my location. Mr. VICTIM, a friend and co-worker was getting out of his car when two black males approached him and put a gun in his face. One male was wearing a red bandanna. The gun was a semi automatic, maybe a .45 cal. I immediately jumped back into the car and called 911. The two males took off on foot towards 10th St.” Ms. WITNESS2 stated that, “VICTIM, WITNESS1, and I were parking to visit a co-worker at the corner of Argonne and 4th. VICTIM drove separately and parked on the 4th St. corner. [While parking in a tight spot] I turned to look behind me on the right to back up and saw VICTIM being robbed at gun point by two black males. One was going in his car and I didn’t get a good look at him. The one with the gun was approximately 5 feet 8 inches, medium build and had a short haircut. The gun was a semi-automatic black handgun. As I noticed the robbery, WITNESS1 did as well and went around the front of the car and jumped in my back seat. We pulled forward 20 yards to avoid becoming a the next victim and called 911. We backed up to check on VICTIM and the men were gone. This was about 12:30 after picking up VICTIM we waited 10 minute for police to arrive.”

#151703265 – 9th Street – 6/19/2015 – Burglary


Christopher McGriff was charged with burglarizing a home on 9th Street.

SUMMARY: On 06/19/2015 at 11:48pm a call came through the City of Atlanta 911 Center that two males were seen climbing a fence and entering a residence on 9th Street. When police entered the home, they found one male crouching in the bathroom and arrested him after a brief struggle. The second suspect jumped over a rear wall and got away. Police identified this suspect as Christopher McGriff. The suspect in custody told police that “it was my friends idea!” and that his friend suggested that the house probably “has some nice stuff inside.” McGriff also stated that they saw the keys in the lock of the back door and opened it. MCGRIFF was charged with Burglary in the First Degree and Obstruction and taken to the Fulton County Jail. Warrants were taken out for the second suspect, who still has not been apprehended and booked as of this writing.



#151650568 – 8th & Argonne – 6/14/2016 – Robbery

REDACTED NARRATIVE: On June 14, 2015, I Officer N**** (1504) responded to 900s Argonne Ave around 3:45am. in regards to a pedestrian robbery. Upon my arrival, I was met by two victims, Mr. VICTIM1 and Mr. VICTIM2 who stated that they were walking South on Argonne Ave between 8th St and 7th St when two black males, approached the two and took $30 and a cell phone from Mr. VICTIM1. The two suspects, both wearing shorts, one wearing an American flag bandana around his face, and the other had dreads. The victims stated that that was the best description they could give. The suspect with the bandana pulled out a small black/blue handgun (non revolver) and demanded their belongings, then took off towards Ponce De Leon on foot. The suspects match the description of the suspects related to [another robbery] call (151630552). [Research Note: this other robbery occurred at Piedmont & 12th] I had the victims fill out a witness statement and forwarded the statement to Zone 5 CID. Both victims were informed of their case number. I advised Sergeant B****(1596) and Investigator D****(4384) of the situation. I observed no cameras in the area.

#151630359 – 10th & Juniper – 6/12/2015 – Robbery

SUMMARY: [2am hour, close to same time as other robbery on this date] Two female victims from out of town had just left Blake’s (10th & Piedmont) and were waiting to cross the street at 10th & Juniper, when two black males came up behind them, produced a gun, and told them to “give it up.” The male holding the gun was described as sporting dreads and wearing a white sweat shirt with three red stripes. The victims could not provide a description of the second male because they were focused on the gun in their faces. . Ms. VICTIM1 handed the males her silver Michael Kors purse. The other male reached inside of Ms. VICTIM2’s pockets and pulled out her iPhone 6. The males then ran east on 10th Street from the incident location. When they walked around the corner, they noticed a dark colored sedan leaving from the area at a high rate of speed. They could not discern if there was a third suspect involved. One of the victims described the gun as being a small caliber black and grey in color, and even believed it was a toy gun.

#151630371 – 400s 10th Street – 6/12/2015 – Robbery 

SUMMARY: [2am hour, close to same time as other robbery on this date] The victim was on the sidewalk of his apartment building in which he lives smoking a cigarette with his cellphone in his hand, when two black males walking west on 10th Street stopped to ask for a cigarette. The victim gave them a cigarette and the two continued to walk a few steps as if continuing on their walk west on 10th Street. The two suspects turned around and pointed a handgun at the victim. The victim did not say anything, but instead immediately threw his cellphone on the ground as hard as he could. One of the suspects then picked up his cellphone, and the two began running east on 10th Street towards Monroe Drive. The victim described the suspects as two black males, early 20’s, one wearing a grey hoodie, and the other wearing a polo shirt with a green, yellow, or blue stripe across the front. One of the males had short dreads and the other with a short haircut.

#151603026 – 800’s Argonne – 6/09/2015 – Robbery 

SUMMARY: This report is adequately summarized at

#151601263 – 700’s Penn Ave – 6/09/2015 – “Burglary” 

SUMMARY: A contractor doing renovation work on a house returned one morning to find that a power washer was missing. After contacting the homeowner, they believe that a worker may have taken it. The police advised that they should prepare some information for a warrant on the individual. [MPSA research findings:] As of this writing Fulton County jail records do not show a booking for the named suspect related to this incident. The crime map marked this as a burglary, but this is more like a larceny.

#151570673 – 800’s Juniper Street – 6/06/15 – Robbery

On 6/6/2015 at around 4:45am the victim was robbed near 8th & Juniper on the street. The victim had been left stranded at a nearby bar when his friends left without him. While waiting to determine what to do, a black male with slender build and a full beard with sideburns came along with a gun and told him to “give it up.” The suspect took $20 from his wallet and his cellphone, and then fled south on Juniper. Police canvassed the area but did not find anyone fitting that description. The victim was not injured in the robbery.

#151550058 – 300’s 8th Street – 6/04/15 – Robbery



6/04/15 shortly after midnight – The victim was walking his dog on Glendale terrace when a black male wearing a white tank top and dark shorts, and red bandana covering his face, approached him with a revolver handgun and told him to “give it up.” He did not have anything, and the suspect hit him in the head with the revolver. During the altercation, the victim heard a voice yelling and the suspect fired two shots as he ran up Glendale Terrace towards 8th Street.

Later in the night another officer making a traffic stop on North Avenue noticed a male in the vehicle matching the description provided earlier. The victim was transported to the location of the traffic stop, and told police that he believed the male in question to be the one who robbed him. But the suspect stated he was using the ATM machine at Chevron located at 490 Whitehall Street SW and had a receipt with a time stamp of 12:25am in his posession, which is very close to the time of the robbery in question. The suspect stated that he was traveling to a friend’s house on Auburn Avenue NE when he was stopped. The APD ID unit arrived on scene to perform a gunshot residue test to determine if the suspect had recently fired a gun. The suspect was released from the scene pending results of the residue test. Fulton County jail records do not show any arrests related to this case, so we are withholding the suspect’s name at this time.

#151491096 – 486 Ponce – 5/29/2015 – Robbery

On 5/29/15 at around 9:25am an APD officer on motorcycle was flagged down by someone reporting a robbery and pointing to a male crossing the street as a suspect. The informant was a customer of the Shell station at the Ponce & Monroe who walked in on a robbery in progress and immediately fled the building when the accused pointed the gun at him.

Erunta Kennedy - robbery suspect at convenience store on Ponce.

Erunta Kennedy – robbery suspect at convenience store on Ponce.

According to the police report, the accused first went to the lottery desk and then suddenly jumped over the counter and demanded off of the store’s money as he held a gun to the clerk’s head. It was at this point when the suspect pointed the gun at the above-mentioned customer who entered the store and then fled. The accused took the money and left the location on foot. With the help of additional APD units, the motorcycle cop intercepted the suspect fleeing on foot. Once in police custody, the suspect was found with $1500 in loose money, a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber with the hammer pulled back, and items from the store. According to the police report in the case, the customer who flagged down the motorcycle cop and the two associates from the store positively identified the accused as the robber. The store manager was able to pull camera footage of the incident for police to put into evidence. No injuries were reported.

The accused, identified as Erunta Kennedy, was taken into custody and cited for Armed Robbery (§15-8-41), Aggravated Assault (§16-5-21), Possession of Firearm during the Commission of a Felony (§16-11-106), Possession of Frearm by Convicted Felon (§16-11-131), and Forgery in the 1st Degree (§16-9-1). He is a repeat offender with several entries in the Fulton County jail, along with history for various offenses in Douglas County. This latest robbery seems to be most serious charge to date, and he remains in the Fulton County jail ineligible for bond. We are very grateful that one of Atlanta’s Finest happened along at the right moment.
#151480273 – 800’s Glendale – 5/28/15 – Burglary 


Daniel Mandeces Williams – accused of breaking his way into a residential building on Glendale Terrace.

At around 2am on 5/28/15 a resident on Glendale Terrace was awakened when her bedroom was shaken by loud and violent banging coming from the apartment below her. She called 911, then her landlord, and fled her apartment to her car to wait for police to arrive. While in the car she watched a man covered in mud approach the main entrance of the building coming from the rear of the property, who then slammed himself against the locked front door and broke it open.

When the police arrived on the scene, the man told them he was a resident of the building and that he was subleasing the apartment. The landlord arrived at the property shortly thereafter, and told police that he was not a tenant. In addition to damaging the front door of the building, the suspect had broken a hole through a brick wall into the crawlspace of the building. Police arrested the suspect, identified as Daniel Williams.

The APD crime mapping feature classified this to be a burglary, but his booking record shows 2nd Degree Criminal Damage To Property, Criminal Trespass, and Loitering/Prowling. He bonded out three days after the arrest. No other history has been found on this individual.

#151451055 – 800’s Vedado Way – 5/25/2015 – Burglary 

Residents came on the morning of Memorial Day and found the front door smashed in, and the house ransacked and missing a considerable amount of its content. The burglary took place during a 48-hour absence from home.

#151400638 – 5th & Piedmont – 5/20/2015 – Car break-in 


Demarco Presley – car break-in suspect in incident on 5th Street on 5/20/15

At around 7am a resident observed a chronic street person breaking into a car at 5th & Piedmont, and called 911. Police canvassed the area, found the suspect a block away, and brought him back to the scene where the witness visually identified Demarco Presley as the one who broke into his neighbor’s car and took several items. The owner of the vehicle was located, who identified that a set of headphones in the suspect’s possession as being hers. Presley, a repeat offender who has been on the MPSA watchlist for quite some time, was taken to the Fulton County jail on charges of Entering Auto.

Presley has a very long criminal history. He is currently in jail for the 24th time, and has also been in city jail for other offenses. This is also his 7th booking since being released from his 4th prison stint in 2012. He appeared on the vice arrest logs in 2012 after an arrest off of Cypress Street, so he serves as a classic example of why we need something like the SOAP (Stay Out of Area – Prostitution) Ordinance. Presley remains held in the Fulton County jail held on $13,000 bond.

#151242761 – 600’s Argonne – 5/04/15 – Robbery

At around 11:30pm the victim was walking home on Argonne near 3rd when two black males walked up to him and demanded his bookbag. When the victim refused to comply, one of the suspects told the other to “waste him.” The victim then saw “what appeared to be a handgun, dropped his bookbag, and ran. The victim was not harmed, nor was the bookbag taken after all. Description of suspects: both 5’10” to 6′ in height. The first suspect had braided hair and a “reddish dark complexion,” and wore a red shirt. The other had short close haircut. Police canvassed the area but did not find any individuals matching this description.

#151242641 – 700’s Argonne – 5/04/15 – Robbery

At around 10pm a food delivery person was robbed in the Penn & 4th area by three males. One of the suspects had a handgun, and they demanded that the victim hand over everything he had, including money, wallet with personal documents and financial cards, a cellphone, and car keys. The suspects then beat the victim, causing him to sustain a laceration to his forehead and a bruised elbow. The suspects then ran south on Penn and drove in a dark colored sedan. Suspect descriptions: All black males, seemed to be in their early 20s with medium-dark complexion. One suspect had a low haircut and other curly hair. The third suspect was about 6 feet tall wearing a dark shirt with a white curly design on the front.

#151252758 – 200’s Ponce – 5/05/15 – Robbery

Shortly after closing time the owner was sweeping the laundromat when a black male appeared in the front of the business. It appeared to the owner like the individual intended to take some clothes hanging on a rack, so he asked what he was doing. The male just turned around and left the laundromat quickly. About 20 minutes later, while the owner was still cleaning the rear of the business, heard his wife screaming. As he came towards the front of the business, he saw the same individual from 20 minutes earlier robbing his wife at gunpoint at the front counter. The suspect was screaming, where’s the money? Then the suspect jumped over the counter and struck the owner’s wife in the head with the handgun. Once he extracted the money from the owner’s wife, he fled west on Ponce.

Another individual walking north on Myrtle Street below Ponce saw the suspect running toward him, and was immediately suspicious. The suspect tripped and dropped a large kitchen knife onto the sidewalk. The suspect continued running toward Publix/Walgreens. After that encounter the witness continued north on Myrtle then on Ponce until he came upon the laundromat where it became clear as to what he had just seen. Suspect description: Black male, age 35 to 40, 5’09” to 5’10” in height, 165-180 lbs, low haircut or bald, partial beard or scruff, wearing a glossy black or dark blue jacket and black or blue pants. Armed with a silver handgun.

#151332304 – 700’s Myrtle – 5/13/15 – Burglary

We learned of this incident via According to information posted, the residence on Myrtle Street was broken into between 3:30-5pm. The victim reported that laptops were stolen, and the culprits also rummaged through drawers. The victim did report this to the police. We have no other details at this time. Other than large multi-unit buildings with secured entry, this is our first weekday daytime burglary year-to-date.

#151221597 – 800’s Penn Avenue – 5/02/2015 – Burglary

On 5/02/2015 (Saturday!) during the 2pm hour Police responded to a burglary call in the upper part of Penn Avenue. While the resident was in his basement watching television, he heard the door close upstairs as someone left. Upon checking out the situation, he discovered that a white male in his driveway with items taken from the house. As the suspect attempted to flee, the resident tackled the offender and caused him to drop the items. The offender fled leaving the stolen items behind, and the resident called the police.

The resident advised the police that he used to know the offender from a group that they were both part of years ago. He had since learned that the one breaking into his home smokes meth frequently and “might be Schizophrenic and/or bi-polar.” After taking the report from the victim, police noted in the report that they sought the offender. The landlord confirmed that he lived there but had not seen him in several days.

MPSA RESEARCH NOTES: Fulton County jail records still do not show a booking for the offender named in the report, nor do we find anything on this individual in public records or social media. It is unclear to us whether the offender knew whose home he was breaking into or if it was sheer coincidence. About the same time as the burglary, another resident on that block wrote to us about an irrational person running around the neighborhood. The menacing individual was described as a white male, wearing a red shirt and blue jeans, and “clearly high on something.” He ran into someone’s backyard asking those residents to call the police because “people were after him.” The description of this individual was consistent with the burglary suspect reported above.

Major Incidents for March & April

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Robberies are a step away from a homicide…


For this bulletin we examined reported burglaries, robberies, and aggravated assaults in the MPSA service area.



#151190455 – 500’s Ponce – 4/29/15 – Aggravated Assault

On 4/29/15 during the 4am hour, at a fast-food establishment on Ponce, a disgruntled customer driving a white VW Beetle in the drive-thru began yelling obscenities, and then threw and struck the drive-thru clerk with orange juice just purchased. As a co-worker intervened by trying to close the drive-thru window the offender, described as a light-skinned heavyset black female, got out of her vehicle and waved a small handgun and pointed it at staff inside the establishment. The offender then drove away. Staff at the restaurant did capture a tag number, but the police report in the case indicates that the vehicle was stolen.

#151162531 – 400’s 8th Street – 4/26/15 – Robbery

During the 10pm hour on 4/26/2015 a robbery call was lodged from 8th Street across from Grady High School. After leaving a restaurant at Midtown Promenade, three victims were walking west along 8th Street near Charles Allen when they noticed a silver Chrysler sedan pull up behind them. The offending vehicle pulled up to the victims and one of the occupants asked, “what are y’all doing?” At that point three black males exited the vehicle, two of which with firearms, and took the victims’ wallets and cellphones, among other items. One of the victims was then struck several times by one of the assailants, leaving him with a bloody nose. The victims advised police that their cellphones had tracking software installed.

#151143323 – 400s 10th Street – 4/24/15 – Robbery

On 4/24/15 at approximately 10:30pm the victim was walking home from 10th & Piedmont when the offender, described as a black male wearing a black T-Shirt and red shorts, about 5’7″ in height and 18-22 years of age, approached him on 10th Street across from the park and asked to use his cellphone. The victim offered to turned on the cell phone speaker and as he dialed a number given, the offender produced a revolver. The victim lost an iPhone, a wallet, and a backpack in the robbery. The offender then fled the area. Police canvassed the area, but were unable to locate a suspect.

#151133279 – Myrtle & 4th – 4/23/15 – Robbery (Carjacking on Myrtle)

4/23/15, 10pm hour – From APD’s official info via Facebook:

APD team work leads to quick arrest! Zone 5 [Coverage includes Midtown area] officers responded to an armed robbery call where the victims were robbed after parking a car. The suspects pointed a gun and demanded the victim’s cellphones, car keys and drove away in the car.

Zone 1 [covers NW Atlanta] officers received information about the incident and recognized the stolen car. Officers observed a male fitting the description of the suspect sitting in the driver’s side of the car and two additional suspects standing near the car with the doors open. The officers approached the car and the suspects fled on foot. A foot chased ensued with officers catching two suspects, recovering the stolen cellphones and car keys. Officers also found two guns in the stolen car.
The two suspects were arrested and charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, theft by taking auto, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, obstruction, and false representation to police. APD is still looking for the third suspect. [NOTE: At least one suspect under 18]

#151071174 – 265 Ponce – 4/14/15 – Burglary

A burglary was reported at 265 Ponce. We have no details on this case. This is a large multi-unit building with secured entry, interior common hallways and a parking deck.

#151031953 & #151031648 – 10th & Piedmont area – 4/13/15 – Burglary:

Several apartments were broken into in a large apartment building with secured entry. The offenders would first have overcome secured entries into the building before breaking into the individual units.

#151003209 – 300’s 9th Street – 4/10/15 – Burglary

At 10:30pm on 4/10/15 officers responded to a burglary call in the 300 block of 9th Street. The resident left home around 5pm, and returned around 10:30pm to find that someone had entered the patio area in the rear of the home and stolen a bicycle. There were no signs that the thief entered the home, according to the police report. MPSA NOTE: This is unusual because burglaries do not normally occur in the evening hours. Someone was prowling around the neighborhood at a time when plenty of folks are at home.

#151002728 – 224 PDL – 4/10/15 – Aggravated Assault

This was the situation where the security guard shot at a customer leaving Mary Mac’s. More details in news reports.

#150892823 – 931 Monroe – 3/30/15 – Robbery

A 15-year-old Grady High School student was jumped by four males as he walked home from school during the late afternoon/early evening.  His cell phone was forcefully taken out of pocket in the parking lot of a shopping center, near its entry to the Beltline Eastside Trail. He went to a nearby business to get help. The cellphone had tracking capabilities, and police were able to track it. It remained turned off overnight, but when it was turned on the next day, police tracked it to Grady High School. Because of the sheer number of students, they had to wait until school was dismissed to monitor the phone’s movements. Once they zeroed in on the phone as it moved off campus investigators caused the phone to emit an alarm. They apprehended not far from campus and charged three juveniles with Theft by Receiving. One of the juveniles admitted to being the one who forcefully took the cellphone from his fellow Grady HS student – his charges were upgraded to Robbery by Strongarm.


#150800592 – 300’s 5th Street – 3/21/15 – Agg Assault

On 3/21/15, at around 4am, police responded to a call from someone at Argonne & 5th reporting armed individuals roaming around the neighborhood. According to the reporting person, two black males jumped out of a truck and waved a silver pistor at him, but did not make any statements. The potential victim immediately took cover behind some nearby bushes as he called the police. The reporting party told police that he was unable to get a good description of the threatening individuals because as that stretch of 5th Street is rather dark. In all, the reporting person told police that he saw a total of three individuals circling the block in two cars.

#150710358 – Juniper & 3rd – 3/12/15 – Robbery

The victim was walking home from a bar in the neighborhood when he was approached by two black males in the vicinity of Juniper & 3rd. One of the culprits asked the victim, what he had in his pockets. When the victim replied that he did not have anything, the first suspect punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. The first suspect then went into the victim’s pockets and took money from him, while the second suspect kicked him repeatedly in the face. The two suspects fled on foot, and the victim walked to a nearby convenience store to call the police. The police report in the case noted that the victim had bruises and lacerations to his forehead.

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