More letters urging support of the proposed SOAP Ordinance

February 20, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

Quite a few Midtowners have written to city council members in response to our call for action on the proposed SOAP Ordinance. We share with you some more notable excerpts (PDF version with the full version of these letters in separate file). We need folks to continue writing to City Council urging support for this ordinance. Please send an email to (this will reach all City Councilors and the Council President) and be sure to copy us at so we can gauge community support for this legislation.

Some older pictures from our files of street prostitution…


Selected Excerpts (For full letters click here)


The shear number of repeat offenders involved in these criminal acts, and the popularity of these red zones among the cruising johns has raised serious alarms among local residents and law enforcement. As Midtown residents, we continue to dial 911 whenever we witness these crimes, yet despite a serious decline in this kind of criminal activity over the past couple decades, the few remaining repeat offenders refuse to ebb. Midtown Blue and the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance both have countless stories of repeat offenders who have plagued the area for years and refuse to yield even in the face of incarceration. Serious times call for serious measures, which is why I support SOAP legislation. I believe that by removing drug addict’s ability to fund their habit, and removing them from the vicious cycle that consists of “turn trick, use, repeat,” they will be more inclined to get out of that life and hopefully seek help in addressing their substance abuse problem.


This legislation has worked in other progressive cities and can work here. I would argue rather than being cruel to the offenders, it is cruel to the victims in the neighborhood not to have legislation forbidding those who have no business here other then criminal activity. Why should my family and I be subject to harassment by the same trans prostitutes who are locked up over and over again? Is that the image of Atlanta you are trying to protect?


I am a resident of Midtown and am very very concerned about the state of affairs happening here. We desperately need this SOAP Ordinance Legislation. We have lived in Midtown for over 10 years and are very upset at the progressive deterioration of our neighborhood. We live at Peachtree Lofts on the corner of Peachtree and 7th and there isn’t a day that goes by that we cannot even walk around our building without the appearance of drug dealers and prostitutes. The drug dealers seem to be on every corner and in between. Because of the patrols on Cypress, the dealers have moved to 8th and 7th and even boldly and blatantly hanging out to do their deals on Peachtree.


As a 15 year resident of Midtown, I know well from first hand observations that many of the quality-of-life issues affecting the area stem from the seemingly unchallenged prostitution – In my part of Midtown, we are plagued with trans prostitutes and it is to that unique anomaly that I refer in this email. If you’ve been reading the letters sent to you and the Council, then you are well aware of the normal complaints: Used condoms scattered about, human excrement on the sidewalks, crack and / or meth baggies found in close proximity of the [trans prostitutes]‘ normal perches, car break-ins, etc. The correlation of an increase in car break-ins, or drug distribution, and increased [trans prostitutes] presence is undeniably strong and positive. I’ve actually seen, on many occasions, a [trans prostitutes] serve as a look-out while a street criminal broke into a car. I’ve seen on many many occasions [trans prostitutes] using drugs purchased from a car circling the block. I have personally experienced the harassment they level on anyone they suspect of calling the police on them.


In the 9 years I have lived here, my husband and I have been the victims of innumerable crimes at the hands of the prostitutes that work in our neighborhood. We have suffered multiple car break-ins (as have our guests), have been forced to clean up everything from litter (they actually throw food containers over our fence into our yard) to bodily excrement, used condoms and drug paraphernalia, and have been awakened (or kept awake) at all hours of the night due to the prostitutes’ yelling and singing and the loud music coming from the cars of the johns and pimps. I call 911 each time there is an incident and receive prompt and professional responses from the APD, but they seem powerless to actually keep these individuals out of our neighborhood. Further, I am fearful of retribution each time I call 911 – these prostitutes have been around long enough to know which cars belong to which houses and have been known to vandalize homes and cars in retribution for calling the police. There does not seem to be anything we can do as residents to dissuade them from working our corner – we have ensured that the property is well lit and even our dogs barking at them has no effect (and I fear for my dog’s safety as throwing large rocks seems to be the prostitutes’ weapon of choice). Please help the residents of Midtown – and the Atlanta Police Department – by passing the SOAP ordinance.


The full batch of letters in this  this PDF document

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