Valentine’s Day Robbery Spree (updated)

February 16, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

Since our bulletin sent last Friday, APD has given us clearance to release photos and mugshots of the offender. Right now we have one name: 23-year-old Dennis Stallings. It comes as no surpise that we found extensive criminal history on this offender through public record searches. He was paroled from prison in December on a full sentence running until August 2014. According to police sources, he immediately began defying the terms of his parole by not charging his ankle monitor, and parole officers had not known his whereabouts since December 19th, a week and a half after his release. He was sent to prison in 2009 for a number of charges including Armed Robbery, Auto Theft, Aggravated Assault. Prior to his first prison stint, he had been in the Fulton County jail at least seven times for these kinds of serious offenses. This is a clearly incorrigible criminal who will stop at nothing. We hope that he will receive new prison sentences that will protect the greater community well beyond 2014, when his current sentence for major criminality runs out.

We do not have names on the remaining suspects, and do not know if arrests have been made.

Mugshots and photos:



Previous post: During the early morning hours of February 14th, a group of three thugs roving in the Midtown and Ansley Park areas robbed three individuals at three different locations. Later in the day police tracked down much of the loot from these robberies when one of the victims was able to track down his iPhone using a GPS app. Police moved into the location, and apprehended two individuals in possession of the stolen goods.

We have received the police narratives, but have been asked to hold off with the mugshot because police may need to present a photo lineup to the victims.

Two suspects were named in the reports, and so far only one appears in the jail logs. We do not yet see that the one suspect in the jail logs was actually involved in the robberies – he only has a charge for theft by receiving stolen property. Atlanta Police reported finding some of the loot from the February 14th day robberies in his possession. In addition to the charge for possession of stolen goods, jail records show that they have initiated a parole revocation (he was on parole for a full sentence expiring in August 2014).

The police have linked two more robberies in addition to the three Midtown/Ansley Park robberies based on the stolen goods that APD reported finding in possession of the one suspect we know about.

As an aside, it comes as no surprise that this perp is very well known to not only the police, but also to Fulton County courts.

Midtown Patch has written two articles about this string of robberies. We have also uploaded a PDF file with the robbery narratives. All of those are linked below.

Internal notes: File #291

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