YTD Robbery summaries as of 2/10/2013

February 19, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 
YTD robberies through 2/10/2013

YTD robberies through 2/10/2013

Here are some summaries of police report narratives from the six incident this year alone (this does not include the February 14th incident, so more are coming to the official stats!). While one was a business, the rest were pedestrian robberies reflecting much of the foregoing. We will update this page when new reports come in. These only include MPSA service area, while the map covers a larger area. 

02/04/2013 130351638 / 400s 10TH ST NE 

Previously reported – More Details: 

02/04/2013 130351638 / 400s 10TH ST NE

At approximimately 3:30pm the victim went to the Midtown Blue office to make a police report. He reported that as he was walking home the night before, a “younger” black male approached him and robbed him at gunpoint near 10th & Taft. The suspect then ran west on 10th Street and entered a tan or silver vehicle that then drove west on 10th. As part of the investigation police investigators reviewed public security camera footage at Midtown Blue, but were unable to pinpoint such a vehicle druing that time frame frame. The victim lost a cellphone during the incident, unfortunately the phone does not have a tracking app.

02/03/2013 130342139 / 650 PONCE DE LEON AVE NE 

The victim was robbed at gunpoint at the bus stop in front of the CVS drug store across the street from Ponce City Market during the 8pm hour. The suspects gave over a bookbag containing a cellphone, MP3 player, and wallet. The suspects, two black males, then ran east on Ponce with the loot. Later in the evening, a car was in a wreck in the 600 block of Eastlake Drive. Police were unable to locate the occupants of the wrecked car, but found the stolen bookbag inside of it. The victim of the robbery was advised to pick up his bookbag at the APD property hold.

02/03/2013 130341991 / 400s 8TH ST NE 

During the 8pm hour on 2/03/2013 a police unit was reported to have taken place on 8th Street between Charles Allen and Monroe Drive. The two victims were walking from a residence near the 8th & Argonne to Midtown Promenade when they were approached by four black males as they passed Grady High School. One of the suspects pulled out a gun, and all four suspects demanded belongings. The victims pulled out their belongings and dropped them onto the ground. The suspects also demanded to know where the car was that went with the keys among the items dropped onto the ground. The police report does not indicate whether the car was later taken. The victims advised that they were artists, remember the suspect faces well, and “could draw them on paper.”

01/13/2013 130131974 / 400s 10TH ST NE

During the 9pm hour two victims were robbed in the 400 block of 10th Street. They had parked their car on Charles Allen Drive and were walking around to a friend’s residence when three black males yelled from behind, “Hey! Wait! Come back!” The victims kept walking but when they approached their friend’S residence the three black males surrounded them and robbed them at gunpoint. According to one of the victims, one of the suspects appearing to be around 14 years of age showed a long-nose handgun tucked in shirt. Among the loot were the keys to a victim’s car, which was shortly thereafter found to have been taken by the suspects. According to the police reports, APD was looking at two “possible suspects,” and we find that these two names are in the jail logs on incidents that apparently occurred later.

01/10/2013 130102766 / 10TH & PIEDMONT AVE NE

Responding officers spoke with the store clerk, who advised that a black male – about 5’10″ in height, wearing a purple LSU skull cap, gray pullover jacket, blue jeans, black pants, black gloves, and a black scarf – came into the store at approximately 9:22pm, approached the register, and demanded the money as he showed her a handgun tucked in his waistline under his pullover jacket. The suspect also wanted the money in the safe, but the store clerk did not have access to it. The suspect tucked the bag with money under his waistline with the gun, and walked out of the store. Security camera did capture the suspect, and Midtown Blue later advised that they had footage of the possible getaway vehicle from public security cameras.

Also during this incident, Sgt. Cooper and MPSA Board member Steve Gower coincidentally walked into the store about a minute after this suspect fled, as the store clerk was on the phone with 911. A witness believes that the suspect may be the one who fled in an Audi without a tag, and then MPSA pulled into the same parking space less than a minute later. It was not understood that a robbery had occurred until we reached the store.

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