Street Criminal & Prostitute: Lamar Coleman

February 10, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

An example of why we need the SOAP Ordinance…

Lamar Coleman - mugshot from latest arrest for cocaine possession while prostituting in the neighborhood.

Lamar Coleman – mugshot from latest arrest for cocaine possession while prostituting in the neighborhood.

Lamar Coleman, a trans prostitute and street criminal, was arrested recently when police discovered crack cocaine in his possession. One of the officers patrolling the neighborhood observed a car driven in violation of the cruising ordinance, and made a traffic stop to cite the driver accordingly. Once the car was stopped, the officer recognized the passenger of the car as one among the trans prostitute gang. When the officer asked, the driver could not name the passenger and admitted that he picked “her” up when “she” flagged him down. The officers also noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from Coleman’s person, and extracted him from the vehicle to pursue probable cause to search for the Marijuana. Instead, the officer found suspected crack cocaine (Coleman admitted that he had just smoked the Marijuana with his fellow street criminals, but no longer had it, according to the police report).

The discovery of crack in this case reflects one of the most problematic aspects of street prostitution. Coleman is among the most resolute and persistent of the trans prostitute gang, and he comes into the neighborhood almost every night without fail to ply his trade. Word on the street has it that he is quite a shark at picking up johns. Observers note that his high-profile presence makes a pronounced difference in intensity of street prostitution and disorder.



He was released from jail on a signature bond within 24 hours, and seen in the prostitution area the very next night. Street prostitutes are invariably involved with drug activity, and their presence draws the drug dealers cruising around during the night. Because Coleman is among the more blatant and persistent of the band of trans street criminal gang, we are monitoring this case very vigilantly through the court watch program. Banishment or incarceration of this criminal would produce a distinct improvement for the neighborhood. He also serves as a perfect example of why Midtown needs the SOAP Ordinance.

Mugshots and field photos:

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