Ricky Love Resentenced

April 29, 2010 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

Ricky Love having a violent episode on Ponce, circa 2004

On Thursday (4/29), Judge C. Schwall heard a Petition to Revoke Suspended Sentence in the case of the State v. Ricky Love.  Ricky Love was convicted of Aggravated Assault (2006 incident) in September of 2008 and sentenced to mental health treatment and banishment from Fulton County.  In December 2008, members of the MPSA reported seeing Love in the Ponce & Boulevard area. Our patrol confirmed these reports, and we contacted our Community Prosecutor who immediately asked the court for a hearing to revoke the sentence and resentence Love to prison.  Judge Schwall acted quickly to issue a warrant for Love’s arrest and he was placed in custody.

Upon his arrest, Love was not competent or able to assist his attorney with his defense and was sent to Georgia Regional Hospital for treatment and counseling until such time that he could become competent.  On April 29, 2010, that hearing took place.  Eight volunteers of the MPSA’s court watch program listened to testimony from Sgt Cooper and Charles Wright with the House of Mercy, the treatment center from which Love was ordered to undergo treatment.  After finding that Love did not complete treatment (he slipped out after one day) and did return to Fulton County, Judge Schwall found that Love did not comply with his order and sentenced him to four years in prison.  Because of his lengthy mental health history, Judge Schwall has left open the possibility to resentencing Love to mental health treatment, if his attorney and social worker can locate an appropriate facility. This would allow Love to receive treatment without any danger to t he public.

MPSA Profile Sheet: http://www.midtownponce.org/news/profile006.pdf

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