Street Criminal: “Peanut”

February 10, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

Scott Thomas Patrick, known on the street as “Peanut”, was arrested in December for Entering Auto, possession of tools for the commission of a crime and possession of a knife during commission of a crime. The incident took place in the 700 block of Ponce. Since day one of MPSA, Peanut has been an issue for MPSA with a whole host of criminal and nuisance activity along Ponce and elsewhere. He most often loitered in the Ponce & Boulevard area. Fulton County jail records reflect another revolving-door street criminal with numerous bookings under various aliases, which is not to mention even more arrests under city ordinance violations. His latest of several prison stints ended last August after serving two years for Entering vehicle and possession of crime-related tools. In less than three months he was arrested again for the same thing. Previous criminal history includes robbery, assault, entering auto, drug offenses, and theft.



He has been an issue for several neighborhoods including Midtown, Old Fourth Ward, and Virginia Highland, though in recent years he has kept a low profile in part due to prison sentences. Judge Lovett presided over his latest case and sentenced him to another round of drug rehab despite his demonstration of profound incorrigibility. He remains in jail awaiting his next opportunity to abscond from drug rehab and return to his life of street crime. Judge Lovett’s sentencing tendencies beg the question of how much burglary and car break-ins do afflicted neighborhood like ours need to endure? Had we known about the court case ahead of time, we would have issued a community impact statement pushing for banishment of this street criminal.

Mugshots (Fulton County jail unless otherwise noted): 

Note that he can vary in appearance and influence of street drug use…

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