More Details on Robbery at Juniper & 8th

February 10, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

During the 1am hour on February 4th, two victims were robbed at gunpoint by a group of four thugs in a vehicle. This occurred at 8th & Juniper. Among the loot was an iPhone with a tracking app, which quickly led police to track down the culprits several miles away. Police moved in on the culprits at a convenience store on Northside Drive, and at that point One of the suspects pulled a gun and attempted to shoot one of the police officers in the head. (is that correct?) The gun did not fire because the round was defective. A brief struggle took place, but all four suspects were quickly brought under control, and hauled off to jail. Midtown Patch wrote more about the incident, and the police report is worth reading (both of these are linked below).



We researched these four thugs, and found that all of them have extensive and messy criminal histories (messy in that we had to wade through scores of aliases and name (mis-)spellings). They all show scores of arrests and cases for repeated serious felonies. Brandon Lockett had 12 arrests in Fulton County alone, and Department of Corrections records do not show any incarceration history for him. Each time he was arrested, Fulton County courts put him right back into the community to do more harm. Suspect Dajuan Gladney also had almost a dozen prior cases in Fulton County for burglary, armed robbery, auto theft, and ID theft (just to name a few), and never saw the inside of a prison. The third suspect, Quentin Dooley, was actually on parole for a conviction in Cobb County. He also has a well-rounded criminal history including armed robbery and drug dealing. The last suspect, Montrella Colzie, has a history of auto theft and car break-ins and served a very brief prison stint in 2010. He has a history similar to his fellow thugs in this case.

All too often we find that offenders have been recycled over and over through the drug court program and are very often given probation to run concurrently with existing probation. With time, too many offenders become more dangerous, and some of the judges in Fulton County continue to release them right back into the community with no net consequences to speak of. The offenders in this case should have been dealt with long ago. And now here we are with yet another group of roving violent criminals.

More Details: 


 Mugshots from Fulton County Jail:

 MPSA internal notes: file #289

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