Menacing Street Criminal: Nakia Graham

January 7, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 
  • We’ve got yet another one hanging around the neighborhood…
Nakia Graham - latest mugshot (Fulton County jail)

Nakia Graham – latest mugshot (Fulton County jail)

On Friday 1/04 Atlanta Police arrested a menacing individual in the 800 block of Charles Allen for prowling. According to police accounts, he was following the victim as she walked around the neighborhood. The victim stated that when she started to walk faster the suspect would do likewise, and would make the same turns as she sought to get away from him. The victim reported the individual to 911 as she was being stalked, and luckily managed to meet up with a neighbor in the process. Police units responded immediately and quickly located the frightened woman. Upon canvassing the area they spotted the suspect, idenitifed as Nakia Graham, as he turned up a driveway and then hid as if seeking to avoid police interception.



Graham has been hanging around the neighborhood for quite some time, and has been on our radar for several weeks. Earlier in the day some residents ran him off of a property on Monroe Drive where he was camping on the porch of a vacant house. They later dismantled his campsite and hauled off his bedding to a dumpster later in the evening. In the days leading up to the arrest the police had seen him loitering around the neighborhood, but absent of a suspicious person call from a resident in the area there was not much the police could do at that point. In the weeks leading up to Christmas he was reported prowling around the neighborhood. Last month he was found to be squatting another vacant house on 6th Street after a resident flagged down the MPSA Patrol and reported the situation. With the owner’s help that house has since been secured.

Graham also has some criminal history, and has been known to the police for quite some time. In 2007 he struck a victim over the head with a rock or brick, causing a gash to the victim’s eyebrow, with intent to cause serious injury. Afterwards, police had to chase him until they were able to corner him on the Downtown Connector. He was booked on aggravated assault, but was held only six months until one of the judges released him to participate in a support group at a homeless shelter. In other words, this is Fulton County justice as flimsy as it comes. In April of 2008 he was arrested again for aggravated assault, and he was finally sent to prison where he belongs. He was released last March, and and quickly began was causing trouble again in the area. His criminal history also includes a significant number of cases in Dekalb County involving Burglary, Peeping Tom, Indecent Exposure, and Battery.

Nakia Graham was arrested Friday on the misdemeanor charge of prowling, and was released within 24 hours. He’s out there somewhere, and women walking around the neighborhood are especially at risk. Please study his mugshots, and call 911 fif you see him acting suspiciously in any way. He epitomizes the need for us to maintain a neighborhood patrol.

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