Parole Watch 1/07/13

January 7, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

We really don’t need these criminals back in the neighborhood…

We are watching a handful of inmates in the prison system who were convicted of Midtown-related offenses. Once incarcerated, the State Board of Pardons and Paroles sets a tentative parole month which we monitor closely for known Midtown-related inmates. Among them are the following (mugshots below):



1. Antonio Martinez Hunt has a tentative parole date set for March for a full sentence running until July. He was arrested last July when a Zone 5 officer patrolling the beat spotted him trespassing on the front porch of a Myrtle Street home, just shamelessly making himself at home on somebody else’s property. The officer recognized him immediately since he was among the trans street criminals plaguing the area with their nightly street prostitution, drug activity and other crime. He was even in drag, “dressed for work” when he was intercepted. He was found to have an active warrant, and upon the resulting arrest the officer found a loaded pistol in his possession. He was therefore charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He was later convicted for this and sentenced to five years, of which to serve one year with the rest probated.

He had previously been convicted of a number of criminal offenses going into this incident, and had even been in prison once. His involvement with the trans prostitute gang warrants the effort to avert his release, and the fact that he is known to carry a gun as he pursues a life of street crime in our neighborhood compunds his profile even more. Any unnecessary release from prison would negatively affect the overall safety and quality of life in our neighborhood. In light of all this we are pushing for the Parole Board to deny parole to Mr. Hunt, and wish his fellow street prostitutes would take note of his example.

2. Timothy Kozak was convicted in 2008 for several burglaries in the Midtown and Virginia Highland area. He was among the “Three Burglateers” who were arrested in the act in August 2008. Sgt. Cooper was working for us, and was part of the police response. Kozak later admitted to several other burglaries in the area – among them the Camden Midtown Apartments, the Virginia Highland Church and various residential locations in Midtown, Old Fourth Ward and Virginia Highland.

Kozak was sentenced as a recidivist to twenty years, of which he is to serve ten, with the balance of his sentence to be served on probation with conditions including banishment from our area and drug treatment. Going into his 2008 burglary spree, he had a very long criminal history in Georgia and New Jersey, and had served in prison in both states. Kozak has a tentative parole date of January 2014, for a full sentence that runs until 2018. We will decide in the coming months whether to issue a parole opposition statement, but we are thinking that an early release would be a very bad idea. He is currently serving his sentence at Rogers State Prison in Reidsville.

3. Daniel Lee Holt, convicted of a 2011 burglary on Myrtle Street, has a maximum release date of March 2014. The parole board still shows his tentative parole date of “No Decision”, but would likely be set for later this year. He is currently serving his sentence at Johnson State Prison in Wrightsville.

4. Michael Blackmon – was convicted for an October 2011 burglary on 6th Street. He was already on parole for trafficking methamphetamines, and a Fulton County judge gave him a sentence to run concurrently with his existing parole-revoked sentence. He maxes out in August 2015, but has a tentative parole date of January 2015. He is currently serving at Autry State Prison in Pelham. Luckily we still have plenty of time to address his case.

Mugshots of these criminals:

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