Recent Prison Releases

January 7, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

Three Midtown-related inmates have been released from prison in the last couple of months, but so far have not been seen or reported in Midtown. Please let us know if you see any of these individuals. Those are:



Candice Hughes was convicted in 2009 for an attempted robbery and ensuing brutal assault on another female behind the Ponce de Leon Hotel. She has plagued the Ponce area for many years with criminal activity, including street prostitution, drug activity, and violent conduct toward members of the community. She maxed out in November, but had a tentative parole month earlier in the year. We sent a parole oppostion letter, and later received word that this serious offender would not be paroled. She served until the end. Hopefully she understands that she is not wanted in Midtown.

Tywong McCoy became a serious problem for the neighborhood in 2007, when he would expose himself to women walking around the neighborhood. He would often fondle himself as he watched women doing yard work, walking dogs, etc. In some cases these women had their children with them. He also squatted in sheds in various parts of the neighborhood, and there were signs that he was doing drugs and masturbating to porn magazines. He was later convicted of aggravated stalking after months of court watch efforts and case building on the part of APD and the Fulton DA’S office. Our parole opposition letter helped to avert an early release, but his full sentence expired in December.

Stan Spradlin, who was caught red-handed burglarizing a house in Virginia Highland and later convicted for that incident, had a maximum release date of January 1st of this year. While the incident took place on the other side of the Beltline, this offender spent a significant amount of time in our neighborhood hanging out mostly among the drug culture at Ponce & Boulevard.


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