Patrol Highlights – December 2012

January 7, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

December was a slow month for us. It is quite routine for us to cut back patrol coverage in December for budgetary reasons, and luckily patrol needs reduce with cold weather. The bulk of our renewals have traditionally been in the Spring, and the warmer weather intensifies patrol needs. Due to particularly severe financial constraints this winter, primarily due to above normal expdenditures this past summer dealing with the trans prostitute gang, Sgt. Cooper was the only officer patrolling during the closing month of the year. We will bring back other officers as we are able to collect funds to pay them. It is very important to keep memberships active and help us by recruiting your neighbors.

Highlights from Sgt. Cooper’s patrol log:

  • Sgt Cooper spoke to the new owner of the vacant house regarding recurring problems with his newly-acquired property. The owner boarded up the house soon afterwards, and plans to redevelop the property.
  • A severe water leak was discovered at a house on Mentelle, where the owner was out of town. With the help of a neighbor, the water was shut off.
  • Five juveniles were served with criminal trespass warnings at a member business.
  • As a routine measure, Sgt. Cooper met with certain property owners about renting to tenants with criminal patterns. A couple of grateful property owners have moved forward with evicting criminally-inclined tenants who have been on our radar for quite some time. Problem tenants is one area where we have made tremendous progress over the years, but we still monitor jail logs, the parole database and the sex offender registry.
  • Also during the month Sgt. Cooper secured several package deliveries by keeping them safe until the homeowners were back home. We also conducted a fair number of out-of-town visits, though we imagined more members would take advantage of this.

Below is the patrol summary for 2012:

Month  Arrests  911 Calls  MPSA Calls OOT Visits Patrol Hours
 Jan  3  9  5  8  187
 Feb  11 10 10 9  168
 Mar  7  17  16 19 166
 Apr  9  13  12  11  220
 May  14  19  10  19  206
 Jun  12  14  7  15  212
 Jul  17  16 9  14 222
Aug  15  18  16  17  204
 Sep  8  13 10 18 190
 Oct  16  10  6  10  171
 Nov  7  6  11  15  127
 Dec  1  8  6  15  87
 TOTALS 120 153 118 170 2160


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