Robbery Suspect With Significant History Apprehended

January 3, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 
  • Personal Safety Basics: check to see who’s knocking before opening the door!


We would like to share with you a recent police report from an incident just south of Midtown (we have condensed it):

On 12/27 police units were dispatched to the 300 block of Piedmont in response to an armed robbery call, and promptly met with the two victims in the incident. According to the police report, the victims opened the door to their apartment without checking to see who was knocking. Upon opening the door, the suspect barged into the apartment with a gun. In the process the suspect also robbed the victims of an iPhone and a MacBook Pro laptop.

The victim had a tracking app on his iPhone, and the police were able to track it in the area of Renaissance Parkway. Police canvassing the area quickly located a suspicious person who attempted to flee upon seeing officers. They found that the suspect had in his possession the MacBook Pro laptop and the iPhone, but were unable to recover a handgun that would have been used in the robbery. Police brought the victims to the scene of the arrest, and they positively identified the suspect as the one who homejacked them.

Atlanta police immediately booked Antwan Creighton into the Fulton County jail on charges armed robbery, burglary, obstruction, and carrying a weapon during the commission of a crime. The victims recovered the items taken during the home invasion.

In our research we discovered that Creighton has very siginificant criminal history. He served 15 years in the Florida prison system for a rash of robberies in the Miami area. He was released last February from prison, and noticed that he was in close supervision until he maxed out (signifying a dangerously problematic inmate). Since his release, he has been booked into the Fulton County jail three times. We find it disturbing that, despite his criminal history, Fulton County judges continue to release him back into the community. This violent and dangerous person has no business being allowed on the streets of any community.

Fulton County mugshots:

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