Code Enforcement Issues

January 3, 2013 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

According to the “Broken Window Theory,” authored by Dr. George Kelling, a broken windown left unrepaired in a building sends a signal that there is a lack of concern about the building. A broken Window, left untended, leads to more broken windows. Similarly, one of the “Rules of Littering” formulated by Keep American Beautiful states, Litter attracts litter.

Broken windows, unrepaired buildings, and litter are not just eyesores, they can also lead to crime. Is your street or alley or the vacant lot next door littered? Call Keep Atlanta Beautiful (404-249-5853) to get free cleanup supplies for you and a friend(s) and let’s make our neighborhood litter free. If you know of an unrepaired building in the neighborhood, send an email to along with a description of the problem, the street address and picture of the building.

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