Snatch Thief apprehended by civic-minded citizens

December 30, 2012 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 


Here’s a good blotter story to close the year with. This was sent to us by email. Just a quick note though – anytime you pursue a criminal on the street you put yourself at serious risk of injury or, well… Be very careful with that sort of thing. It is safest to get a good description, call 911 and keep abreast of their general heading during the call. But kudos to the three Midtowners who pinned this criminal down until police could take over – another reminder that criminals are always unwanted in the Midtown community. Narrative below, followed by pictures.

On Sunday, December 23 at 4pm, Rob and I were driving north on Peachtree headed to a movie when I saw a couple struggling on the sidewalk at 8th. I called 911 and began reporting the incident as Rob followed the assailant in our car as he ran north on Peachtree, right on 9th and into the 999 Parking deck. Thinking we had lost him, we circled the block and continued on to our movie. What ho! Stop, there he is speed walking towards the Lowes (an easy subject to spot since he was sporting brick red corduroys and a patterned knit cap). I’m still on the phone with 911 updating the operator when Rob pulls the car over to the side of 11th street and pops out of the car. I tried explaining to Rob that he wasn’t dressed or armed for the occasion but the adrenaline ejected him from the safety of our Honda. 

I limped out of the car (still wearing the orthopedic boot for my sprained ankle) and drove into the parking lot across from the Loews hotel, still on the phone with 911. By then the cops appeared and I flagged them into the lot. One of the waiting taxi drivers pointed us towards a nook in the building where Rob had trapped the bad guy under a bike rack. By that time, Greg West who had also been driving by and jumped out of his car to join the chase back at 8th street, and Quinn Curry, a pastry chef just getting off duty at La Tagliatella where the incident took place, had caught up and helped with keeping the crook down until the police could take over. Poor Greg and Quinn, they had to run for most of the pursuit while Rob was smart enough to drive it.

Unfortunately, the lady whose Ipod the thief had taken had already left (having no clue we would not give up in the pursuit of his bad self) so she couldn’t press charges. The cops did find a bit of pot on him so they arrested him for possession. While he is probably already back on the streets, perhaps he will think twice about marauding in Midtown.

And wasn’t my husband just the cutest crusader! He certainly was the best dressed!

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