Trends in car break-ins

November 5, 2012 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

Map from the APD website with dots for car break-ins. Covers almost a three-month period.

Many of us will be going to the polls Tuesday, perhaps feeling alot like the little crying Abigail in a video that recently went viral. Since many people will pop in on the way to work, we want to remind you not to leave valuables in plain sight in the car as you go voting. Many of us will be going to Grady High School for this purpose, located in an area that is currently ground zero (see below) for much of the car break-in problem at this time. The other major polling location, All Saints Episcopal Church, is also located in an area with very heavy car break-in patterns. Before leaving home, place your laptop bag and other valuables inside the trunk, and leave the viewable area inside your car clear – that will greatly minimize your chances of falling victim to a smash-and-grab.

We recently reviewed car break-ins in the APD crime stats, and noticed a distinct trend among that category: An inordinate concentration along Tenth Street, but relatively few in the interior of the serivce area. Piedmont Avenue also seems to have a moderate amount of car break-ins, but very few elsewhere in the patrol area. Traditionally car break-ins have been evenly scattered across the service area when looked at over longer periods of three months or more. Bear in mind that we generally isolate the MPSA service area when reviewing stats – car break-ins seem more evenly distributed geographically in the rest of Midtown. And car break-ins comprise a DAY AND NIGHT phenomenon.

The relatively few dots in the deep interior of the service area tells us something very interesting: Midtowners are taking note of the necessity for the Clean Car Campaign. The majority of people who park on Tenth Street are either: Patronizing one of the businesses at Tenth & Piedmont, going to the park, or picking up/dropping off kids at the Childrens School. Most of the reports were taken on evening watch (3 – 11pm) based on a good glance-over. These are the people that would not be getting the word and would be most unaware of highly localized issues like car break-in patterns.

Again, we are glad to see that folks seem to be getting the message about the Clean Car Campaign, but bear in mind that car break-ins are a problem pretty much everywhere. We have posted a map of car break-ins on this page.

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