Child abduction attempts reported

November 2, 2012 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

–> Updated with composite after email was sent… 

APD composite of suspect in VaHi incident.

We wish to make you aware of reports about attempted abductions in the Virginia Highland area. At this time we are aware of two such reports, and we are posting information appearing on various online forums and in emails circulating widely across intown neighborhoods. It remains unclear to us if these two are related. We are also sorting out other reports of suspicous encounters, and seeking insights from our APD contacts.

For now, please be extra alert, and report any suspicious persons to 911. If you are aware of any other such situations please let us know. Monitor media reports, and we will post them at our Facebook page as we become aware of them.

Incident #1:

Police report narrative -

“On 11/01/2012 at 9:15 a.m. [Officers responded to a prowler call on Adair Avenue, and spoke with a victim upon arrival]

xxx stated that she was riding her bike to school, Inman Middle School, when she noticed she forgot the lock to her bike. She was at Arcadia and Virginia when she noticed a gold boxy car (possibly a Prius) circling around Virginia Circle and Barnett. The victim stated that when she arrived back home to get the lock, she left the door open and when she turned around the suspect was standing in the doorway to the garage. She described him as a white male, large build, possibly 6’1″, blonde/auburn hair cut a little longer than a buzz cut, wearing jeans, navy blue winter coat and was clean shaven. The victim stated that the suspect asked to use the phone and then attempted to grab her to take her inside the house. The victim stated that she kicked the suspect and ran outside. The victim stated that as she ran south on Todd Road the man in the gold 4-door sedan drove north on Todd Road. The victim then made contact with her step-mother, who called 911 and requested a welfare check on the victim.

The officers spoke with the neighbors surrounding the house and across the street. The few that were at home had not heard or seen anything. No one had any information as to the suspicious white male.”

From a VaHi civic leader: I credit the quick thinking, by kicking and running, on the part of the young victim from saving her from further problems. This is indicative of good training on the part of her parents. This might be a good nite for all neighborhood parents to have a good talk with their children about common-sense safety practices. Granted, we live in a great part of the city – but we all have to remember this is not Mayberry.

VaHi Patch also wrote about this incident:

Incident #2:

From emails -

“Yesterday [Thursday] at around 4:30pm, my neighbors nanny was taking the toddler for a walk near Ponce Place and Drewry and a silver SUV (thought it was a Ford model) with 3 white males pulled up next to her and told her to give them the baby. Fortunately the nanny was street wise and was able to handle herself in a manner that made the men speed off. A report was filed with police. I have no further details.”

“Sorry we haven’t posted sooner, but we’ve been trying to regroup. Everybody is fine, but yes, with a sad heart I will tell you that the stories are related [MPSA Note: it is unclear which two stories are being referenced here]. Our 12-year-old daughter rode her bike to Inman today, but returned home after realizing she left something. She saw a suspicious car pass twice, but thought the driver might be lost. Upon returning to the house, she left the side door open and ran in to get what she needed. Basically a man followed her in, and asked to use the phone. Then he tried to get her to go upstairs and when she told him to leave he grabbed her. She kicked him, fought him and then ran screaming from the house. After watching him leave and drive off, she ran back inside and called us. Thanks God for her, and for us, she did everything right, and she is okay. She will be okay. The cops are looking at the cameras at the Well Fargo and doing everything in their power to find him. We will be releasing a sketch later today or tomorrow. Please, please, please keep an eye out and most of all, keep a close eye on your kids. And please contact the police if you see anything. He is a middle-aged white male, tall, stocky with a buzz cut, and sandy-colored hair. He was wearing jeans and a dark blue jacket. The car was gold, a small sedan, maybe a Prius or something similar. If we hear anything we will let you know. We appreciate the concern and kind thoughts.”


From APD: On November 1, 2012, the suspect [Composite for incident #1 above] is wanted for approaching a 12 year old victim in her home. It is unclear at this time what the suspect’s motive was; however, please be on the lookout for this suspect. Suspect is a white male, over 6 feet in height, blonde/auburn hair color (little longer than a buzz cut), clean shaven was last seen wearing a navy blue winter coat, blue jeans. The suspect left the scene in a gold small boxy car similar but not limited to a Toyota Prius. The suspect was last seen in the Virginia- Highlands Area. If you have any information about this suspect please call:

Lt. J. Brady (404)546-5516
Sgt. Hampton (404)546-7986
Investigator K. Reese (404)546-2611

Thank you,

Investigator K. Reese
Child Exploitations
Special Victims Unit
Major Crimes Section
Tuesday – Friday
8a.m. – 4 p.m.

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