Update on Trans Prostitute Gang 8/06/2012

August 5, 2012 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

These are the most blatant and determined street criminals, and we’re stepping up our countermeasures to eradicate them from the Midtown experience…



Residents in the afflicted area should continue calling 911 when you see trans prostitutes prowling around and loitering about, especially when they are flagging cars, quarrelling among themselves, and casing or harassing residents as they come home and leave. It will take protracted pressure on the part of the neighborhood to run this band of street criminals out of here. APD has stepped up their presence where these criminals chronically appear, and we are working to step up countermeasures even further to address this unlawful bunch of miscreants. Street criminals like the gang of prostitutes must come to understand that they are unwanted here.

Here are some mailbag items we have received in the last week in regards to these street criminals (please continue to keep us posted on what you are seeing).

#1 (relevant excerpt) BTW keep up the work with the [trans prostitutes] dancing up and down in front of my building on Piedmont between 3rd and 4th and the sociopath traffic that follows them. None of which comes out of these two apartment buildings but, it’s a constant late-night problem keeping them from using these buildings as cover. Thanks MPSA RESPONSE: Thanks for that info. Call 911 if you see the prostitutes doing anything the police can get them for like being in the street, making a lot of noise, fighting, etc. We need to keep the pressure on them. Also, let us know when you see them, time of day, how many, etc.

#2 - Just wanted to let you know that we had a male hustler hanging out around 4th and Penn this morning, from around 5:45 until 7. [My neighbor] called 911 to ask that an officer be sent to check him out. An officer did show up around 7, and told me he had stopped three guys who fit the description, i.e. black male, white shorts and shirt. Of course none of them were caught in the act of doing anything, so nothing could be done. MPSA Response: Please continue to call 911. Even though there is nothing to make a solid case with, the fact that folks call the law sends the message that they are being watched.

#3 - This evening I saw a pair of [trans] prostitutes panhandling and bothering customers of the restaurants around Ponce & Myrtle. They got very belligerent when they were told to leave. One of them was among the trio that scattered trash up and down Myrtle Street last week. A little while later they were threatening someone with a window-wiper taken from the pump at the nearby Chevron.

While we are at it, a noted Gay blogger wrote about how someone came under police radar after chatting up one of the trans criminals at Piedmont & 3rd. He was found to have a warrant and was arrested accordingly. That’s what happens when you venture into a neighborhood where folks are so over it with that pack of trans criminals hanging around, and try to patronize them. Welcome to Midtown 2012! Kudos to APD! These are the kinds of reports that need to come out on a regular basis. Our research on the criminal chatting up with the prostitute shows a history of felonies – including possession of firearm by convicted felon and kidnapping. This is what street prostitutes bring into our neighborhood. Again, please keep reporting these criminals to 911 when you see them prowling and loitering around – they have no part in our vision of Midtown…

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