MPSA Mailbag 7/30/2012

July 30, 2012 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 


Yesterday (Friday, July 27th), between 5:28 pm and 7 pm, UPS delivered a package to our door [in 900 block of] Myrtle at 5:28 pm, and the package was opened and burglarized within that hour. We were only gone for about an hour. They went through the contents of the package right on the porch stairs, and stole one leather item from the package, a Coach wallet, leaving the silver earrings with the package contents on the ground. Incident report was filed with with APD.


I live at the Dakota on a corner unit that faces Juniper and 7th Street. We’ve been experiencing issues on Thursday nights/Friday mornings (between 3am & 4:40am). The people going over to Bulldogs park along Juniper on the parking lot directly behind Bulldogs, as well as park along Juniper directly in front of The Dakota (below my unit). Thursday nights are the absolute worst for some reason. Not sure if they are giving away free drinks or food, but that night is the big crowd. When they close at 3am Friday morning, the crowd will linger in the parking lot (7th & Juniper) talking VERY loud, laughing, drinking, etc. They then eventually migrate to the street towards their cars, again talking VERY loudly, loitering on the corner of 7th & Juniper, or on the sidewalks by their cars. Often for up to 30-45 minutes. All the while talking loudly, laughing, etc. This has been going on every single Thursday night / Friday morning that I can remember. I’ve called Midtown Blue and they came out one time and did something about it. The patrols stopped after that.

MPSA Response: your best option for this problem is to call 911. The police need to be aware of this noise issue. By calling 911, the MPSA patrol will also hear the call and can respond or you can call the MPSA Patrol hotline. We have also passed this information on to the MPSA patrol so they will be aware and can check it out routinely. If your neighbors are also being disturbed, they too should call 911. Meeting with the bar’s owner might help. He has some responsibility for his patrons actions when they leave the bar. With enough complaints, he might be forced to have security around the building encouraging folks to get into their cars and leave rather than gather around and talk loudly. Hopefully this information is helpful. Unfortunately, this is a tough problem to eliminate without a large number of people complaining constantly, unless the revised Alcohol Code better addresses this issue when it is completed and voted into law.

Another facet of this loitering problem is the rogue food truck that parks at the corner of 7th/Juniper Thursday through Saturday nights, usually blocking the fire hydrant there, providing sustenance to the crowd leaving Bulldogs and the “rent boys” from 7th/Cypress. This gives them another reason to loiter in the area while laughing and talking loudly at 3am.


Last night there was a homeless man setting up a campsite on the porch of that house. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was thinking about buying the house and then started singing the blules to me and telling me he was the preacher who would sing the blues. I told him he could not stay there at the house. I also noticed that the front door lock has been completely broken and the door swings easily wide open. I called the number on the sign and was routed to a massive phone tree that did not include the name of the person on the sign. I left a message in a generic mailbox but received no response today. Short term, I am afraid we have a bit of a potential security problem as long as that door lock is broken. What are our options to force them to fix it asap? Report it to the city? Who should be called?

Response from a neighbor included in the email dialog: Next time call 911 immediately, then MPSA. Have you joined MPSA yet? This is the sort of thing that they really specialize in – both getting vagrants gone and staying gone, as well as helping getting the City to cite the owner for not securing the property. You Need to call the company that’s building the place, and tell them to secure the place until they demolish it, and that if they aren’t out within the next 24 hrs to secure the building you’ll call the City to have them cited. Their porta-potty is going to be a huge mecca too; need to get them to put a lock on it. I know that the guy in the rental house next to you has been running vagrants off too. On a related note, [name removed] saw a black male and white female standing out in the road at Greenwood and Vedado at 11:30pm last night, looking like a pimp and prostitute. He stood outside until they ambled up to Monroe, but we don’t need folks setting up shop, or finding out in short order that the house is open, because they will.


[Politician] has, in my opinion, spit in the face of the many Midtown residents and members of other communities who have actively participated in the court watch program to help get the message to our judges that these criminals should NOT be treated leniently. One of the perps in the Brandon White case, Dareal Williams, is likely one of the three young men who were casing houses in December of 2010 illegally claiming to be representing Toys for Tots. These young men are also likely the ones who did the home invasion of my house, stealing silver, a flat screen TV, and doing considerable damage) The three (Despite fingerprints and bloodstains found in the house, as well as photographs taken by [my neighbor]) were never arrested or charged because the APD has never followed up on the case. Regardless, I know that MPSA and the MNA dont like to get involved in political issues but would they consider letting me post an open letter in an organization newsletter to [Politician] outlining my disappointment in her judgement? Your thoughts??

MPSA RESPONSE – We do not normally get involved with political campaigns, but find the open letter pushing for extreme leniency in the case involving the three thugs that brutally attacked Brandon White to be quite unsettling. As for whether Darael Williams was one of the three Toys-For-Tots scammers [See photo below], we do not have an assessment at this time. Very interesting theory though, and maybe someone looking at the picture of the trio might be able to tell us who those scammers really are. We are researching for a big statement on the revolving-door situation with Fulton County, and this will likely make for a really good example to cite. We have a severe problem in Fulton County where too many revolving-door criminals are getting away with way too much, and the community suffers for the lenient sentencing practices of some Fulton County judges. The verdict [5 years to serve in prison] in the end was not terribly egregious. On the one hand the convicted criminals are very young, and sentencing young offenders does require careful consideration. On the other hand, this incident was particularly brutal even without the element of hatred to aggravate the case even further. Sentencing them to simply time serve, as advocated by the signatories of the open letter, would have been a grave insult to the greater community.


While out walking my dog during the 8am hour I saw three [trans] prostitutes as they were making this big mess on Myrtle Street [See photo below]. One of them is J., a regularly appearing street prostitute and criminal for years. He has a history of identity fraud and similar offenses [MPSA Research confirms]. The other two are also among the frequently-appearing prostitutes. They were mainly foraging for lady’s clothing and purses, but they sure made a mess from hell. I had seen this trash earlier – it had been neatly packed in several of the black garbage bags. Afterwards, you can see what happened to the garbage. They used some of the garbage bags to carry away stuff. While foraging for old clothing, etc. is really a petty matter, the utter mess they made serves as a great example of the gross disrespect these criminals have for our neighborhood…

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