Street Criminal Update 7/30/2012

July 30, 2012 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

Lee Arthur Kynard was arrested recently in Piedmont Park for a probation violation (on a charge of Loitering and Prowling). He will be having a probation violation hearing soon, and we need to help keep him in jail via the Court Watch program. According to police sources, Kynard is believed to be the main criminal breaking into cars in the Monroe & 10th area, and our research turns up results reflecting another revolving-door criminal plaguing the community.



Troy Brezett Brown – APD arrested another car break-in suspect in the 800 block of Peachtree. APD sources tell us that when he was found hiding under a van at 855 Peachtree, he was found to have a broken spark plug and a roll of quarters with shards of glass embedded at one end. Both of these are used to break vehicle windows, our APD contacts tell us. Police further tell us that Brown has been arrested 54 prior times, with charges and convictions of multiple sex crimes and mainly entering auto. Video footage collected during the investigation of car break-in sprees facilitated additional warrants for this devoted crimimal. APD sources also tell us that that he was released about a month ago after serving six months for entering auto conviction, and immediately started breaking into cars again. The arrests of Brown and Kynard should help reduce the car break-in caseload in the Midtown area, according to APD sources.

Melvin Campbell has a court date this week. He was arrested at the Ponce de Leon Hotel on 6/14 for Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute. He does not live in the hotel, but we believe him to be among the chronic contributors to drug activity there. We previously reported on his arrest. He will have a hearing in Fulton Superior Court on August 2, 2012. Because he appears chronically in the Ponce & Boulevard area, we have put out a Community Impact Statement on this individual.

Tracy Dean Foster, the serial burglar who was the subject of a manhunt and was arrested as he attempted to break into a business on Ponce, accepted a plea deal to serve ten years in the big house. He was on parole when he racked in another dozen new burglary cases committed since he was released on parole. Many thanks to the diligent work of the Atlanta Police Department and our community prosecutor for getting this criminal out of our community. We will regularly check his parole status once he is back in prison.

Cory Wright was recently arrested on charges of Possession of Cocaine, Criminal Trespass, and Theft by Taking. It is unclear if all of these are new charges, or if some of them are actually a probation violation. Wright habitually engages in these kinds of activity in the Ponce & Boulevard area, and has historically been a serious problem for the Midtown community. He has almost two dozen arrest entries in Fulton County alone, plus convictions in multiple jurisdictions. He spends alot of time among the drug culture at Ponce & Boulevard, although we have not seen him around lately. Ever since being hit by a car several years ago, he has walked with a distinct limp.

Joshua Williams, another revolving-door criminal, has been arrested at least three times this year. He was arrested for simple battery in March, criminal trespassing and obstruction in May, and then picked up again for a probation violation (on a burglary conviction) last week. We have been watching him ever since he burglarized a member’s house on St. Charles Avenue back in 2010.

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