Court & Parole Watch 3/12/2012

March 12, 2012 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 




Jackie Sue Hunter continues to live her life dedicated to a wide array of criminal activity. She was banished from most of the state of Georgia, but continues to blatantly appear on Ponce on a regular basis. She is most notorious as a prostitute on Ponce since the mid-1970s, where she was a fixture in the Ponce & Boulevard area in the very early days of the MPSA. She has served several prison sentences for various offenses, including armed robbery, all kinds of theft and drug crimes, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. This one-woman crime wave, as one of our major informants describes her, now awaits charges of prostitution. Because she is on felony probation for auto theft that includes banishment, we do not understand why Fulton County continues to let her pursue a life devoted to crime in the community. Her Department of Corrections rap sheet includes scores of aliases that she has accumulated since she first appeared as a prostitute almost 40 years ago.

Kenneth Lamb has once again re-emerged in the neighborhood. On March 2nd, he was arrested at Piedmont & 8th for Criminal Trespassing, Possession of Cocaine, and Terroristic Threats. Prosecutors later tacked on charges for violation of the sex offender registry requirements. He was released from prison last September, and already the next month he was arrested somewhere in Southwest Atlanta. After a month in jail, he was turned loose again into the community. He was arrested again in February and put back on the streets ten days later.

Lamb has been the subject of our court watch efforts several times in recent years. In October 2010 he faced several charges, and Judge Schwall assured the court and community members present that if he continued to violate a banishment from Fulton County resulting from a previous conviction, Lamb would be sent back to prison “for a very long time.” He is known as the barefoot panhandler who menaced people in the Midtown and Virginia Highland area. This dangerous individual has a long history of drug use, terroristic threats, and rape. He has spent most of his adult life in prison, including a fully-served 20-year sentence for rape. Public records now show 16 bookings for him in the Fulton County jail alone over the last six years.

Michael Kevin Blackmon, who was arrested last year for a burglary on 6th Street, had his parole revoked and was sent back home to prison. His full sentence for trafficking meth, for which he was paroled in 2010, runs until 2015. Until recently, parole records showed a stated address at 8th & Piedmont.

Another court watch oldie, Tywong McCoy, remains in prison. In December we sent a letter to the Parole Board, and they replied that they will make it a permanent part of his file. He was not granted parole in February, and is expected to serve out the rest of his sentence (until December 2012).

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