Carjacking/Kidnapping on Monroe Drive

December 31, 2011 · Posted in Eye on Midtown 

Update 1/11/2012: Composites added below.

The following narrative came from a police report. We wish to emphasize that we are outraged and concerned about the frequency of crimes committed by teenage criminals using handguns AND about the seeming impotence of the court system in dealing with this dangerous issue.  We appeal to our leaders in the courts, APD, city council and mayor’s office to give us guidance and direction in addressing teenage criminal problems.

Police report narrative:

On 12/30/11, 9:04 pm, I responded with 3503 and several other units to 800 Block of  Monroe Dr. on a carjacking / kidnapping.  Upon arrival the witness, Ms. F, advised that her roommate, Ms. M, had arrived home from out of town and was unloading her car.  She had already brought most of her belongings up to their apartment and had gone downstairs for a few more things.  Ms. F thought that Ms. M was taking a long time so she went downstairs to check on her.

When she went down she saw Ms. M in the driver seat of her car (2008 Honda Civic) and two black males inside the car with her.  As she approached she realized that the suspects were attempting to rob her.  Ms. F began to scream and called 911.  Ms. M then drove her car away.  A lookout of the vehicle was given out.  As we were gathering information Ms. M returned to the apartment at 2115hrs.

Ms. M advised that when she went down to get the last of her belongings out of the back seat two black males approached her.  One black male produced a gun and pointed it at her head and told her to get into the car.  Ms. M got into the back seat with the suspect holding a gun to her head and the other suspect got into the driver seat.  The suspect’s demanded money from her.  Ms. M had already taken most of her valuables upstairs and only had a credit card with her.  They asked her how much money she could withdrawal from the credit card and she stated that it was a credit card, not a debit card and that she could not get any money.  The suspects then talked about going up to Ms. Miller’s apartment to get her money and belongings, but she stated that they seemed nervous because there were several apartments next to her apartment.  The suspects then attempted to drive Ms. M’s vehicle away, but it was a stick shift and they could not figure out how to operate it.  The suspect kept grinding the gears and stalled out several times.  The suspects became more agitated and demanded that Ms. M teach them how to drive the vehicle.  After they were unable to figure out how to drive the vehicle they had Ms. M move from the back seat and told her to drive.  It was at this time when Ms. F came out and began to scream and scared the suspects off.

Ms. M began to talk with the suspects and told them her name and asked them why they were doing this.  They said they were poor and needed money.  Ms. M continued to talk with the suspects as she began to drive west on Ponce De Leon Avenue.  The suspects told her that they were not going to hurt her, but they just needed money.  As she approached Penn Avenue she heard police sirens responding to the carjacking.  The suspects also heard the sirens and told her to stop.  The suspect in the back seat got out and ran south on Penn Ave. towards North Avenue.  Ms. M continued to talk with the subject in the front seat and he directed her to the area of 4th or 5th Street near Myrtle Street or Juniper Street.  He then told her to stop and he said that he was sorry for doing this to her.  He then fled the location.  Ms. M then returned to her apartment.

Units canvassed the area but were unable to locate the suspects. Ms. M stated that the suspect in the back seat kept referring to the suspect in the front seat as “Pitt.”  The victim was not injured and nothing was taken from her.  ID unit 7345 came out to process the scene.  Inv. Shepherd also responded.

Composites (added 1/11/2012

Suspect 1: 

  • “Pitt”
  • Black male
  • 16-18 years old,
  • slim build 5’11”
  • wearing a winter knit hat, dark colored zip up hoodie.
  • Silver hand gun with black handle.

Suspect 2:

  • Black male
  • 16-18 years old,
  • stocky build
  • wearing a white or beige hoodie

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