We have outlined the details of membership below. Instructions for joining and donating appear on the right-hand panel of all pages.


General – First and foremost, your membership goes to fund a patrol for the betterment of the neighborhood that you call home, and thereby contributes directly to the quality of living for your Midtown community. We all know that we pay taxes and should be getting full police coverage, but the reality is that intown Atlanta is still recovering from years of neglect and abandonment. We have worked to beautify our homes and properties, but we also have to invest in the community as a whole.

Since 2003, the MPSA has demonstrated a gradual but sure overall improvement in the public safety picture of the neighborhood we call home. Much work remains, but many residents, businesses, and property owners like you continue to support our work toward the reduction of public safety obstacles that interfere with the Midtown experience.

90-95% of our budget goes toward the operation of the neighborhood patrol, with the rest going toward minimal but necessary administrative expenses. All other functions of the MPSA are carried out by volunteers.

Specifics – All members receive the direct phone number to the patrol. Residential members can request a vacation watch of their homes when out of town. Our patrol coordinator serves as a consultant for improved security for member businesses, individual homeowners, condo associations and multi-unit properties. We offer a letter-of-agency service for businesses and property owners to address (especially overnight) vagrant and nuisance activity. While we are a community improvement organization (focused solely on public safety and security) rather than a private security company, we work to incorporate individual needs into our neighborhood public safety blueprint.


  • Residential single household – $275 / annually
  • Business – $475 / annually
  • Special rates for condo associations and multi-unit rental properties. Please contact us at for details.



  • From Juniper Street to the Beltline Eastside Trail just east of Monroe Drive and Home Depot
  • From Ponce de Leon Avenue to 10th Street.
  • Highlighted in green on the map
  • All of Kennesaw Avenue, Penn Avenue, Myrtle Street, are in the service area, along with Glen Iris Drive down to but not including North Avenue
  • Sponsors

    Many thanks for our community sponsors! While the majority of our funding comes from residents and small businesses, a significant portion of our neighborhood patrol funds comes from the following sponsors:

  • Social Media