Please direct all correspondence to Emails to this address automatically forward to key board members and our patrol coordinator. You will receive a response within 24 hours, and sooner in most cases.


1. Always call 911 to report emergency situations, crimes in progress, the presence of suspicious persons and other time-sensitive situations. The patrol hotline number given to members only should never be treated as a substitute for 911. Always give priority to safely removing yourself and others from dangerous situations, and then making yourself available to responding officials (keep phone lines clear). At first convenience please tell us about incidents in the neighborhood so we can follow up. If you are a victim of a crime please also get the police report number as much as possible.

2. Please also share with us observed patterns of criminal activity or suspicious. We will pass the information along to our patrol coordinator, law enforcement contacts, and other appropriate parties for further assessment.


Please contact us by email, clearly identifying the topic/issue that you are researching and reporting on. We generally ask that you submit specific questions.


If you are an Atlanta Police officer and are interested in serving Midtowners as a supplementary job we will forward your inquiry by email to our patrol coordinator (Sgt. W.S. Cooper, retired from APD). He has complete discretion over hiring and scheduling within the framework of the patrol budget determined by the MPSA Board of Directors.

The MPSA only hires off-duty City of Atlanta Police officers because of access to APD resources. The MPSA does not hire officers from other jurisdictions, regular security officers or companies, or any other form of paid patrolling.

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