Be part of a safer Midtown!


The MPSA has served the Midtown community since 2003 as a non-profit task force to coordinate our neighborhood response to public safety and security issues in order to advance the Midtown way of life. The MPSA achieves this objective primarily by operating a neighborhood security patrol funded by its resident & business members, and community sponsors. The MPSA continues to bring about significant and sustained improvements in the quality of life of our neighborhood, but much work remains to be done.

Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!


A number of factors expose our neighborhood to inordinate levels of crime and public disorder.

  • An inordinate volume of street people activity – including vagrancy and street prostitution – driven largely by the abundance of street drugs coming especially from south of our service area
  • Ponce de Leon Avenue’s transformation into a magnificent gateway into Midtown still has a very long way to go. While we are now seeing new development on Ponce, some criminogenic land use patterns continue
  • The Atlanta Police Department does not have the resources to give us the needed intensive localized focus on crime, nuisance activity, and other related issues
  • These major factors contribute much to the burglaries, car break-ins, street robberies, and other problems challenging the quality of life in Midtown


A Enhancing and maintaining an acceptable level of public safety requires a structured and systematic community response.

  • Our neighborhood patrol funded by memberships serves as the backbone of our public safety blueprint
  • Our reports and e-blasts keep the community informed of public safety trends and issues affecting our neighborhood
  • Intensive networking with law enforcement, prosecutors, public officials, community leaders, residents, & businesses to plan effective strategies in dealing with specific issues and problematic individuals
  • Coordinate proactive participation in the Court Watch program operated by the Fulton County DA’s office to make prosecutors and judges more aware of the adverse effects upon the community by chronic criminals
  • Researching problematic individuals and properties in order to better understand relevant risks and to assist police, prosecutors, and code enforcement in more effectively eliminating their presence
  • Social events, such as the annual National Night Out block party, to promote interaction among neighbors and members of the community
  • Periodic community meetings


A safer neighborhood always starts with each of its residents and business owners. While a handful of your neighbors work to put legs on a blueprint for a safer and more orderly neighborhood, it still needs active participation from the community at large.

  • First and foremost, we need continuous financial support for our neighborhood patrol. 95% of our revenue goes toward the MSPA Patrol. Please join today!
  • Watch out for our neighbors! If something does not look right, call 911. Do not let anything slide – criminals count on us being too busy to notice and report suspicious activity. Share your insights and observations so that patterns can be more effectively addressed.
  • Become active in the civic life of this neighborhood – not just in safety and security, but in the general civic life of the neighborhood. Community spirit and identity go a long way in making for a safer neighborhood. Ultimately a great place is made by the great things about it, not by the removal of negative factors.
  • Sponsors

    Many thanks for our community sponsors! While the majority of our funding comes from residents and small businesses, a significant portion of our neighborhood patrol funds comes from the following sponsors:

  • Social Media